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Monograms nomograms

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Does anyone know how accurate this stuff is ? I am told it works well for the population as a blunt tool, but for rare outliers does not provide meaningful use ?

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In relation to individual patients, I consider these nomograms to be completely worthless and as a basis for any sort of decision-making about treatments or anything else in connection with a specific patient, I think they are criminally irresponsible. There's a rash of them appearing from competing centres as a bandwagon develops of trying to look good and "with it". They are always hedged about with disclaimers for a very good reason!
I've laid out some reasons for my opinion on a thread some time ago entitled:
"Fuhrman Grade IS VERY IMPORTANT - even for small tumors"
With the upsurge of activity on this forum (and somewhat prodigal constant creation of new threads) that's now on page 3 of the forum.

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