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Acinic Cell Cancer Head/neck

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Does anyone know of any treatment, besides surgery, for acinic cell cancer?
I was told there is no chemotherapy by surgeons, but I think there must be. Thank you as I have had three failed surgeries and really need help.

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surgery plus radiation would be the gold standard. I hear your distress. This kind of situation leads to panic, but I have to say, DON'T panic. In a case like yours there is almost always some other option,and time to figure out what that option is.

The way to look at this is that you don't have to figure out all the medical angles yourself. You just have to find the right doctor. He will be much better prepared to figure it out for you. If you haven't had radiation, something about your treatment doesn't sound right.

Have you been evaluated at a major center? Someplace where they are likely to actually have experience with a series of people with your cancer? Or are you being treated by an LMD (local medical doctor) who likelly won't see another of you in his/her lifetime? Have you seen a series of subspecialists, like medical onc, surgical onc, ENT onc and radiation onc? Have you asked them how many of your type of cancers they have treated? Are you near a major cancer center/

See, the questions go on forever. And there is time to answer all of them. It would help if you will tell us more of your story.

Thanks. Best to you.


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