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scan thursday-accepting all prayers

need support
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This will be my first scan since my wife has left me 2 weeks ago. Under a lot of stress past 2 weeks but hoping for positive results. I have a lot of friends pulling for me, but I know the people on this forum know exactly how I feel. thanks chuck

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lots of prayers, mate.
i know the anxiety, try some meditation, not medication if your into that.

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Here is some warm prayers and well wishes coming your way from cold Minnesota.

I remember well my first and second scan being terrified. I was so anxious and although I have always been a rather positive person, I couldn't get the all the "what if's" out of my mind. I wish you the best...take a deep breathe. To some people, this may sound crazy, but I use essential oils...peppermint, wintergreen, lavender...whatever I think will help me at that moment. I dab it on my temple, feet or behind my neck ( don't get it in your eyes though, it will burn) I especially like peppermint when I need a lift, wintergreen when I have muscle aches, lavender when I need rest or calming. I use quite a bit before scans to help me focus on positive energy and thoughts.

Remember, one foot in front of the other, breathe, breathe, breathe and you will be o.k. I am praying for you and your children. Our children are grown as well, but this c journey really affects them too. Keep your friends and family close and your enemies away~

"Always be in a state of expectancy, and see that you leave room for God to come in as He likes"


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Mine is today at 3:00; I know EXACTLY how you feel. Think positive. Update us on how it turned out.



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Sending you prayers and good thoughts from NJ!!


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Prayers coming your way. Here's to positive results!
Keeping you in the light, Chuck


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I go same day as you, anxiety is through the roof!! Best wishes for great scans.

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Prayers for you for good scan results. My scan is coming up soon so I understand. Thinking of you.

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Sorry about the loss of personal support. Please accept our prayers for a good scan for you.
You have a support group here on line. Prayers,

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Prayers coming your way....can you feel it?
Anyway, your wife stepping out on you sends me into orbit. A lot of processing goes with this, but you WILL come to a place where you know it was the best thing, to go separate ways. You can get on with healing physically and mentally. You don't need a stressor as big as that. You are young and have a lot of living to do. It will get there.
When she realizes the grass isn't so green, hit the PAUSE button and think very, very, carefully. If she was scared, I don't buy it. When someone is "scared", they don't run to a person of the opposite sex. No excuses. None. (And I am a forgiving person.)
HA - you didn't ask for my advice, but when it comes to relationships, I just spew advice all over the place.
Get a good night's rest. Best to ya on the scan.

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Positive thoughts and lots of prayers being lifted up for you.

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Scan days and waiting for the results is an anxious time but usually everything is good. Praying that is the case for you. Let us know.

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Please post your what we hope are most-excellent results when you get them.
And if the news isn't so stellar, post anyway. You've found people who understand.
Sleep Well~

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Will be saying a prayer for you.
It sucks about your wife, but I'm thinking you will need to let that go - that anger, angst, stress,bitterness-- and focus on yourself and this fight. Good to hear others are stepping up --> Solicit help, accept help from your friends. That was a hard one for me, but it was such a relief and a blessing once I did.
I'm pulling for you.

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I hope it goes well...

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I am praying for you right now.

need support
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I can't thank everyone enough for their support and prayers. With all the stress in my life the past few weeks I was really nevous about the pet scan results. I just got a call from the oncology center and everything looks normal. I am going to move forward in my life and put the past behind me. I'm hoping the remainder of 2012 has some good times in store for me and the many others that suppport this forum. thanks again, chuck

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So happy to hear this.

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Grats! So good to hear!

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Good to hear, I was wondering as I went for my scans around the same time as you, but I don't have the results yet...even though apparently they're done and read about an hour after the scans are done...no one will let you know, they're sent to onc. and I don't see him till next week. But, apparently they get mailed to my fam. doc. so I'm gonna go and see if they've arrived at his office tomorrow. This waiting sucks!!!!

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Hope and prayers for good results as well.

need support
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I live in a small rural town and everyone working at the oncology center knew what kind of stress I was under. My main nurse during chemo treatments had my oncology doctor take a quick look at the scan and call me a couple of days later. Your right when you say they know what the results are a few hours after the scan, I just can't believe they make people wait so long for the results. If they only knew how we felt waiting for that phone call they should have someone there reading them as they are done. I'm praying that everything goes well for you. good luck, chuck

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So very glad that the news was all good for you!

You are right, move forward with your life and don't let the past keep you from enjoying each and every day!


Marie who loves kitties

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So good to hear about the good results. My ctscan is due in May. The first one since my dx and operation. Nerves galore.
Hope mine have the same results as yours.
NOW forward, make everyday count.
Hugs, Marjan

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