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Support Hospice what a joke Douglas Macmillan

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Diagnosed late with renal cell carcinoma and also what was thought to be a simple cyst was also a bosniak type 3 - 4 cancer.
I had to have radical surgery cut acrosss stomach to rempove large cyst and kidney and cancerous lymph node that was last year. I went into hospital at 7.30 in morning operation at 9 out of operation theatre at 13.30 back on ward then home for 19.30. Had no after care from hospital as there was not enough money in budget to offer support.

Best bit
Got in touch with local Hospice you might have heard of them...


Lovely glossy website but I had along converstion with palliative nurse Chris Wood who said that I do not fit the criteria.. Oops sorry for being alive.

I am still here after transferring my care to Manchester from Stoke on Trent was under the butcher ******* Mr Golash who said that i was perfectly healthy I will beat it I am now under a very good hospital in Manchester The Christie Professor Robert Hawkins . Nothing is too much for them. My local support groupds where i live are not interested in offering any support. I have had 5 scans in a year and all clear.

Good luck to anyone else going threw this stay positive like me and you will beat it, I was back in the gym after 2 weeks.

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You're a very unusual case.

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Why unusual , I will never be given the all clear as it went into my lyph node.

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