Radiation damage treatment Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments

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I was unable to get back to the post about bladder cancer post radiation damage, I am still looking for the post, However I hope that this will be read by the wife whose husband had radiation and now is having trouble... However I might add, trouble is a term that is used to lightly for radiation damage...
Although radiation in some cases of cancer is a must, I totally agree, but effects of radiation go on for years. the radiation from post cancer radiation therapy will and does destroy the small capillaries bed in all radiation skin, tissue and also bone.. BUT there is great treatment that works and it is never to late. In fact must insurance do cover radiation of the soft tissue, bone, and of new, they treat radiation of the brain.
So even if it has been years, Hyperbaric Oxygen ( HBOT) will regrow new blood vessels and this is done by stimulation your body to increase stem cell production..
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GOD bless you, I truly hope this has help you and the ones you love.