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colostomy reversal

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Hi everyone, need some help.
My sister had a liver resection, it went well, no bag. then the sutures burst, peritonitis, and now a bag. (this was last july)
Healing well, the dr. told her she would reverse it when she was stronger. THEN, she has seizures, diagnosed with brain cancer, cyber knife, and 10 rounds of full brain radiation.
whew! 3 months later, 2 of 5 lesions gone and 3 shrinking.
Now the dr refuses to do reversal. said its too dangerous.

she goes and gets a 2nd opinion. this dr. says the other dr. took too much colon and he will do the reversal BUT, since she only has 12 inches left, she probably wont make stool and may have to wear depends. sorry this is so long.
now here are my questions. isn't 12 inches enough?
she has decided not to do the reversal and is afraid to travel. any special hints for flying. can she swim? go in a hot tub? I am trying to get her to come to Florida for a visit and want to give her enough information to give her some comfort.
thanks for whatever information you can share with me.

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So sorry to hear that your sister has had such a bad time of it.

I have had a colostomy for two years. I didn't have any choice but the following book was loaned to me by my ostomy nurse:

The Ostomy Book: Living Comfortably with Colostomies, Ileostomies, and Urostomies
by Barbara Dorr Mullen and Kerry Anne McGinn RN BSN OCN.

The authors are mother and daughter...the mother had the ostomy and the daughter is an ostomy nurse.

For me it was a very helpful read and did alot to help over come fears and to actually understand that not much of life has to change drastically just because of an ostomy.

If I had to choose now between continuing with the ostomy or having a reversal, I would stay as I am, particularly to avoid another surgery and the possible long term issues related to a reversal. But that is just what works for me.

The book should be available at the book stores, perhaps the library and for sure in paperback at Amazon.

I have not flown since having my ostomy, but others here have and seem to do just fine. Hopefully they will chime in with any suggestions they may have.

Wishing your sister the best...looks like she already has the bestest sister.

Hugs to you both,

Marie who loves kitties

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Is not a problem. The fact is that a colostomy is fairly liberating. There are very few restrictions (the big concern is a hernia) and as a guy, I never have to worry about strange toilets. Even if I had the option I would not do a reversal.

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Thanks for responding Buck, Mary is afraid it will burst. I told her if that was the case, there would be boobs, blowing up all over the place.!

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thanks so much Marie. I will get that book for her. i told her that from what i read here, that the reversal is no picnic and perhaps she should just count her blessings and give herself time to heal. We just found each other through ancestry.com. I would like to have her around as long as I can.
Hugs back to you,

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