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very bad side effects from oxyilaplatin

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has anyone ever had such bad neuropathy from oxyilaplatin (spelling) that they had to switch chemo?my dad had to start a new chemo plan and the oxy is horrible.. please let me know

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Mine was pretty bad- and the first thing they generally do is cut down the oxi, that was good for a couple of treatments for me, then it was dropped completely.
Oxi is pretty vile- how many treatments has your Dad had and what exactly are the symptoms.

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well hes been only 1 time..he was on it a few years ago and had same symptoms...thing is he just had fusion of his c1 c2 and c3 vertebrae because of a tumor in c2 which he is supposed to get that radiation this thursday...thing is he became very weak after chemo..he also is on oxycontin for the pain in his neck....gonna take him to dr to see what he suggests..wondering if its from the pain pills...

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Oxy made me feel like I had the worst hangover of my life, mixed with the flu---and then the cold feet and hands! I slept with sock and mittens on, and had gloves by the fridge to use when reaching for items in there. Could not go into the freezer, or drink anything that wasn't lukewarm.
My onc ended up discontinuing it when we were almost done with treatment.
But, on the other hand, it worked.

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how long after the oxy did you feel real bad and how long did it last? im wondering if its that plus the pain pills making him act lethargic....he also cant do the cold...the side effects were real quick this time...hope they have some solution tomoro..he was doing so well before the chemo...now his eating again is no good...

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My research for my wife convinced me it was worth calcium and magnesium supplements, and also glutamine for several days just after chemo. there are other posts here which describe a few other supplements for which there are limited studies to support. My wife's ONC did not want to do Calcium and Magnesium infusions because she said a study indicated problems, but I ran that down and found the study has since been supeseded. Use PubMed and google scholar to do some checking on your own and discuss with your onc.

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Hi: I had my oxaliplatin infusion rate and amount reduced to 70% and took calcium/magnesium every day plus L-Glutamine (powder form - 5 to 10 mg/day in juice), alpha lipoic acid (3 times/day), and Vit B6. I didn't have a problem with neuropathy after that at all nor cold intolerance. I still take them even though I haven't had oxaliplatin since Nov 4 - the neuropathy doesn't go away.

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neuropathy is still manageable but started to be unconfortable, platelets very low so my doc dropped it to an 80%.
Beside that no other major effect ( LOL).

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I was on it a year ago I use medical marijuana it does
Do great things for cancer patients.

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