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I hate cancer

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When my husband was dx two and half years ago with Stage IV colon cancer with over 11 mets to his liver, I found these boards. I had never posted on a discussion board or been in a chat room before, but I was devastated and desperate for information. Immediately I was comforted by the wonderful people on the colorectal board. These people gave me hope, courage, information, and so much more, even though they themselves were suffering or had suffered through what my husband was going through. I couldn't get over how they had reached out to me, when they had so much to deal with themselves.

I haven't been on in a while, and logged on today to find that another one of these wonderful people has passed. It's part of the reason I haven't been on -- I was finding it so difficult to read that another person lost their battle, so I stayed away.

I am so angry ... I hate what this disease does to people and their families. I hate that her children have lost their mother; her husband has lost his wife. I hate that another beautiful spirit is gone because of this awful disease.

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Oh yes, your post mirrors my thoughts tonight in so many ways. And I'm so sad that we lost Lisa... my tears are flowing freely while I type this. I have such a heavy heart for everyone out here, for both patients and their caregivers. Why, oh why, can't they find a cure... :'-(


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I HATE CANCER! That seems to be my new mantra. My husband was just re-diagnosed, and we are in our third round of battle.

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