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I have pushed up my scan and follow up appt to the 21st and 29th today and it just dawned on me that it is next week. All of my scans have always been with contrast-should this concern me? I don't have labs until my follow up with my oncologist on the 29th. I've never been told my labs have had any issues.

I've had to move them up because there is a possibility I may lose my insurance March 1. And my job may follow. I would have a lot more time to read and post then. And maybe play some golf (at another course). Hoping for a good scan -and it may be my last for awhile!
On a better note, I am still drinking at least one large veg and fruit (whole) vitamix smoothie a day. I've lost ten pounds and feel fabulous. For those of you thinking about diet changes- it's one of the best things you can do for yourself. The more whole veg and fruit I consume, the less junk I crave. When I went to the doc for my knee injury, my BP had dropped from 130/78 to 118/75. I attribute this to the diet change.

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Sorry to hear you may lose your job and insurance. COBRA allows you to keep the insurance for up to 18 months I believe but I know it isn't cheap. I pray you don't lose them.
I have been juicing fresh vegetable and carrots since mid December. I agree with you, it makes me feel energized when i have my morning juice. Much more than coffee ever did.

Health and happiness,

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Prior to each of my scans the hospital draws blood for a creatinine and GFR - that way they have the most current numbers. Mine have consistently been - well - less than optimal - so they hang a bag of saline and run half of it before the scan and then finish after the scan - to help the kidney flush the dye.

Good luck to you - the job and insurance issues are just something you don't need right now!

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Unless you don’t have strong teeth with healthy digesting system, I’d prefer chewing vegs and fruits I eat as a natural way instead of drinking them. Believe it or not, the saliva we produce in our mouth during the chewing process has lots of benefits in it according to Chinese medical doctors. Also, you can learn that from this short video, http://nutritionfacts.org/videos/dont-use-antiseptic-mouthwash/. So don’t rush gulping down your daily juice just yet, let it swirl in your mouth as long as possible and let you taste buds do their work.


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As Ibinmsp pointed out the hospital gives you a blood test before they inject the die for your creatine and bun ratio. The reason for the blood test is that the dye or contrast is harmful to your kidney if these numbers are too much out of whack and by definition they are a little out of whack when you have only 1 kidney.

Best wishes,


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The hospital has never given me a blood test prior to my scans (I had three last year) so I guess I will ask them about it Tuesday.

Regarding chewing my fruits and veg, well I am a creature of convenience and this is how I am adding more to my diet, otherwise it wouldn't happen. Because the vitamix purees the whole fruit, not juices them (or veg), my "drink" is super thick. It takes me a few hours at work to finish it. I still eat lunch and dinner so there is some chewing going on!

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