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low blood sodium

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Have any of you had extremely low blood sodium and / or fluid around the lungs after completing radiation. Mom is having a time of it. She finished 2 and a half months ago. Her sodium dropped to 109 and has got her very confused.

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of low sodium and fluid around lungs. The possible causes are numerous, but the common one is congestive heart failure. Ugh, sometimes the good stuff doesn't end. Wishing her well.


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Like Pat mentioned, it's more than likely an indicator of something other that effects from treatment.

My sodium stayed the say nearly through all of the chemo and rads...potassium dropped for ahile during chemo, but extra was prescribed.

Are they still monitoring her blood and testing her regularly? I know they did me every three months the first year.

Even now after three years, they do CBC blood draws every six months. But that is now more so for keeping an eye on the thyroid (TSH 7 Free T-4) and the samples I just had also are checking the GFR (kidney function).


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