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post chemo FACIAL hair

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Yikes! Two months after chemo I've got a nice head of hair coming in, but also white fuzzy facial hair. I'm only 45! Too young for this. I read that it will go away. I hope so, coz I don't want to start shaving.

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It will eventually go way....but I hated it and my oncologist's nurse said most women complained about this...her advice, shave it off if it bothers you, it won't return as "stubble"....I shaved it and it didn't come back...

Hugs, Nancy

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I'm 4 mo post chemo and i also have facial peach fuzz ...like nancy said I think I am going to just shave it...


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Yikes is right. My facial peach fuzz came back black. I thought i would get a side job as the bearded lady at the circus, LOL. I did shave it and so far so good. No more facial hair. It has been about one month since shaving.

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I had soft white fuzzy hair on my forehead and cheeks. It showed up towards the end of chemo. I understood that it was mostly to do with the steroids (dexamethasone). It was creepy to have no hair on my head and then this 'man' hair. I felt like a neanderthal! Anyway I did take once of those 'epilady' hair remover and removed it all. It did eventually stop growing. A year and a half later I don't have any.

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I have been plucking all week and last night I sent my son to get some nair and I waxed it off. Some of the hairs were close to an inch long from the side burns down along the jaw line. I even had some long ones on the middle of my forehead. I will have to do it one more time because I noticed this morning that I missed a strip under my chin and on both of my cheek bones. Funny, I am still on chemo, but with the Navelbine my hair on my head is growing, slowly but growing. I still have minimal eye lashes and just a few eyebrows!

So where in the world did all of this facial hair come from... I was turning into a hairy faced woman. (laughing, but so glad someone posted this!) I too am on dexamethazone weekly for nausea!

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I started growing a moustache in my 30's and when I turned 40 or late 30s, I started to get chin hairs. This is all coming naturally with the reduction of estrogen. It has been getting worse. I have lots of gray hair and now get gray facial hair in addition to the black hairs. All I can do is pluck and shave with my hubby's electric razor.

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Thanks for posting this! I'm getting pure white chin hair. I feel like Santa Claus least I know I'm not alone

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It goes away pretty quickly! I was mortified too but at least it was short lived!


as far as the estrogen, I have no ovaries and am on arimidex, no extra facial hair yet and it's been since july 2011.

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I had my ovaries removed in 11/11. I have noticed my facial hair is even worse. I guess you are one of the lucky few that don't have that side effect.

The key hormone that controls the type of hair on your face is dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Higher DHT levels cause your facial hair to convert from vellus to terminal hair production.

During reproductive years, the higher relative levels of estrogen to testosterone usually keep production of DHT low. However, as menopause approaches and estrogen levels drop, there’s an increase of DHT in the hair follicle (details below). It’s at this point many women begin to see frustrating ‘beard-like’ hairs in places they’ve never seen them before—chin, jaw line, cheeks, and even the forehead.

Cant remember where I got that from..sorry

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excess facial hair 'waxed' off. I did not use the shave approach.

Hair .. Hair .. Hair everywhere - that mustache had to go!

Strength, Courage and Hope for a CURE.

Vicki Sam

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I did learn while googling that plucking is not the way to go. It could actually stimulate the follicles to produce more hairs!!

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So, how long is short-lived? I am trying to get a sense of time it takes for this challenge to disappear.

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I've been on aromasin for about a year or two not sure now but anyhow my hair comes back and if i know im going to be out side in the sunshine im shaving lol.~~MollyZ~~

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