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Prayers and positive thoughts needed

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Hi All

I am heading to the airport in just a few hours. I'll keep you updated if I can.

I am asking for your help. Can you please say some prayers for my Mom. If that is not your way, maybe you could send some positive healing thoughts her way.
I am so worried about leaving her, praying as hard as I can that she will be fine.
I have tried my best to have all the bases covered for her, it's just so hard.

I am praying that all will be worked out on this trip, I really need this.

Thank you all so very much. You are the best..

Keeping you all close

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I will Lisha, you have a safe trip, think only good thoughts! Vinny

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You got it. You will get both from here. I do know the feelings you are going thru due to an experience myself.Try and be at ease as much as posible. John

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Praying for you and your Mom. I know it's all so stressful. Do your best to try and relax a bit and know that we are all there with you every step of the way. Keep us posted on how things are going!!

Love ya,

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I'm praying with you that your mom will be fine and that everything works out for you in this trip!
Have a safe trip and take care of yourself. Thank you for being such a wonderful person to everyone.


miss maggie
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Dear Lisha,

I am sending both my prayers and positive thoughts to your mom and you. I can
just imagine how hard it is leaving mom. I know your mom understands. You are such
a good daughter.

Love Maggie

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Posts: 1162
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Just want to say thank you all so much for the love, support and prayers. It brings me so much comfort knowing you are there.

We arrived late due to the weather. Pouring rain, but temp is nice. Tomorrow will be humid, yuck.

Had a call from the folks with mom, she is up and down. I think they were panicked, at least it seems that way. She is stable and comfortable.
I am so worried but believing that all will be fine while I am away.

Need to get some sleep, big day tomorrow. I am so tired. I will update when I know more.

Hugs to all

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Hi Lisha,
I'm gald you got there safe and sound and you absolutely have my prayers and good positive thoughts coming your way. Get some rest and keep us informed when possible.
Take care friend...Love ya, Sue

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Sending prayers and good thoughts for both your Mom and you. Good luck Lisha. Much love and Hugs. Mary

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One can never have too many prayers...so I too would like to offer mine for both your mom and yourself. God is awesome at answering prayers.

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Positive thoughts and prayers sent your way. love, Hilde

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Many prayers and positive thoughts. Love and blessings!

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