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Cat Scan

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Hello Everyone,

Today was the day and I did my cat scan. So now comes the wait. I think is worse then anything else. Your mind runs away with me.
I am trying to stay focused and busy. It is just hard not to think about it all. I have been in remission since 09. I did the Zevalin December 23, 09.
So will see, I pray for everyone. much love to all of you. Hilde

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Hi Hilde

When do you get your results? I am hoping that the wait will be as short as possible. Waiting is so very hard.
Positive thoughts for a clean scan.


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It's always the worst time! Let us know!!! Good thoughts your way!

miss maggie
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Sweet Hilde,

One hurdle crossed, another to go. I know how stressful this moment is for you. For all
of us.

Do you have a primary doctor? I would think if you had the scan on Friday, Feb 3, the
results will be available on Tuesday Feb 7. The results will be faxed to your primary
doctor. If you don't hear anything by Tuesday afternoon, call your primary doctor, or
your oncologist Wednesday morning, Feb 8.

As soon as you know, let us know. God Bless for good news. Love Maggie

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Hi Hilde,
I agree...waiting for the results is so hard. I'll keep positive thoughts and prayers coming your way. Be sure to come back and share the "GOOD" news! :) Love...Sue

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I want to thank You all for the kind and uplifting response. I will surely let you all know. And yes it is hard for me. And I know you all know what it is all about. I will certainly let you all know. I am sure by Wednesday I should know. I do have an appointment with the Oncologist on Friday. But I would like to know something before then. So will see. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I will be praying for you all. Much love, Hilde

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Sorry did not spell cat scan right. LOL

hilde451's picture
Posts: 229
Joined: Oct 2009

Sorry did not spell cat scan right. LOL

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Hi Hilde,

I just had mine today and I learned two things. If you have to drink a barium cocktail 3 and a half hours before the scan, you don't schedule it for 7:40 in the morning and two hospital gowns cover you up much better than one. There is too much of me to cover with just one gown.

Hopefully every thing will be fine on your scan.

"Worrying is like paying on a debt that may never come due." - Will Rogers.

It is a wise saying but not easy to do.


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Hi Hilde, I know that waiting for any type of news can be the most stressful. Please try to stay positive. I will be sending you only positive thoughts that everything turns out well for you!


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