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some good news

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Well I had my 6 month scan and checkup, my scan was clear. Saw my surgeon and onc dr yesterday. My onc and I had a discussion about percentages of recurrence and this is what he explained to me. They can be high but most recurrences making the percentages high occur during the 1st year and then some during the second year, after you pass the 2 yr mark, that is a really good sign and milestone. It is not impossible that you may have a recurrence later as I have seen them on this board, but your chances go down, hopefully. Also, I go back for scans in June and December and then start on yearly!!! scans and checkups. Well I was smiling and still am with all this. Just wanted to give some good news especially to our class of 2009, who all kind of hold our breaths when we get our scans and checkups. We all do no matter when we were dx'd. I always feel guilty posting good news because this last year has seen so much sadness here, all of us remember those we have lost and hold in our hearts. April is coming time to get those posters out from Ecan reminding people that heartburn can cause cancer. My internist has ours in the bathroom where people have time to read it, LOL. take care, thoughts and prayers for all here.

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Donna, I am so happy to hear that news. Not only that, but thanks so much for the statistics from your doc. I know there are always exceptions, but it's nice to hear that recurrences diminish after the 2 year mark. Maybe that's because I'll be celebrating my "2nd birthday" on the 16th of this month.
Anyway, again I just wanted to say GREAT NEWS!!!!! Good for you!


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So glad to hear this news. Also, glad to hear about the numbers. I know it has been a struggle at times, but you are making it and we are all proud for you and your family. Sam StageIV

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Congratulations, Donna, on another milestone!! Thanks so much for sharing your good news. I don't know how others feel and this is just my opinion. I do not think you should feel guilty for sharing good news. Sometime, I think in the interest of "not sugar coating this beast," people's hearts and hopes get stomped on. All any of us has for sure is this day. Why should we hesitate to share our small and large victories and just joys of the day. Look at Eric with his fabulous pictures and observations. I like to think we are all here for each other in the good times and the bad times.
Angie, stage II Breast Cancer, wife of Larry Stage IV EC

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I am SO Very Glad that you have received good results. We pray for continued good news for you AND similar success for those following.

Hugs to you!


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I loved reading your great news! Don't ever feel guilty to post good news - we are here to share and support and mourn and celebrate together. This board, reflects life - there are sad events and those make the celebrations even more special.

Yippee for you Donna! Also - thanks for posting the stats on recurrence - like someone above me posted, that is good to know and provides another milestone to celebrate. You are a true inspiration and we celebrate your good news with you!

Judy & Don

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Love the news, Donna. I hope to join you on Feb 24 on my 2 year check up. God Bless....


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So glad to hear. Keep up the good work! :) You've been so helpful to others and especially to us. Thanks for letting us know. BMGky

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Don't ever feel guilty sharing good news!!!! We are all so glad to hear of everyones successes!!! We have had a rotten year here, and you have been here for all of us. Now, we are here to celebrate with you, so CHEERS to you!
Thanks for sharing,
be well

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Good news is what we all want to hear on here! We don't get nearly enough and are just so happy when one of our dear friends gets such news. Good for you, Donna! Celebrate your milestones!

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So, so , so happy to hear this!!! You always have a positive outlook, and I can't help but think that has something to do with your success!


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Such a blessing - hold those you love close and cherish the days.


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It is wonderful to read your good news!!!! You are right there has been so much bad news here over the last few months it is great to hear good news. Wishing for many more clear scans in the future!!

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
McCormick, South Carolina

DX 10/22/2009 T2N1M0 Stage IIB
12/03/2009 Ivor Lewis
2/8 through 6/14/2010 Adjuvant Chemo Cisplatin, Epirubicin, 5 FU
Two year survivor

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance!

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Congratulations!!!! Always good to hear great news. I'll be having a 4 1/2 yr. scan next week. Praying I can give a good report also.

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For those of us with loved ones who haven't made it, we know how precious this news is! Rejoice, as I am rejoicing with you!

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Thanks to everyone who posted their congrats. Congrats ahead of time for those who are celebrating their own 2 yr anniversaries and longer, got to love those! This is what I love about this board. I came on this board in August of 2009 and I was very sad. I had read all the medical info on my squamous cell T3N1M0 dx and something to the effect that I had 8 months to 2 yrs. Well the 1st person to respond was our William and when he told me he was an 8 yr survivor, I was overjoyed and then I found more survivors here. So this board gave me my first taste of hope and that along with my wonderful drs telling me they had the answer, I proceeded on the bumpy road. When I needed advice I came here and got it. And the morale boosters I received and the information that only other EC pts can supply helped so much. Not only my other EC pts but their caretakers gave so much of themselves, it all helped. So thank you all for that help. Now I have another family, my EC family, that I have on this board and I still come because like the other survivors, we all want to help like we were helped to get where we are. Thanks to all of you, prayers for all.

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Yippee and woo-hoo to you Donna!
Your great scans are worthy of celebration! Two years is an amazing milestone and worth lots of cheers!
My doctors were always so excited with each passing scan. My most recent scan at 4 years post-treatment was highlighted by my radiation oncologist beaming while saying that he hasn't had a recurrance after four years time. You and I have seen differently here, but know that the odds of a return of the beast diminish with each good CT.
Peace, Love and Positive Thoughts!

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Great to hear that you are NED, for those of us in the classes behind you it is good to hear!
You are always so supportive of everyone here it is your turn for us to cheer for you!
John is scheduled for a scan in March and we are hopeful.
Yea for YOU!!!!!!!!
So happy for you,
Love Erica
Wife of John
Diagnosis-T-3, N-1,M-0-- 5-17-11
Chemo/Radiation-completed --7-11-11
MIE surgery with robotics-- 9-9-11
Dr. K. Meredith, Moffitt Hospital
29 lymph nodes & tumor-cancer free

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That's such good news for you Donna I wish you many, many more years of good health. Encouraging news for so many.

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I think we all need to hear the good news. I'm very happy for you and very glad you are still here posting and giving hope.

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We love hearing good news....congrats to you Donna....well done and well deserved!

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Hi Donna it's mary jo. I haven't been on this site in a long time not quite sure why i logged on tonite.but i saw your post and was really bglad to hear your good news.i guess i always felt guilty because i was spared the cancer and my Barretts was caught right before it turned to cancerand even though I had my esophagus removed.I never went through chemo like most people on this site.I really was na very lucky person.but these sites are a life savor for people who have had an esophagectomy because i feel they do not let you know for the most part what you are up against.i am doing well had to have my esophagus stretched 3 times but doing fairly well.i was just glad to hear you are doing well

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