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mum gettin worse quickly

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just need to vent... mum isnt doin well, her stomach and legs have ballooned, she is 200mg fentynel patches, morphine syrup and endones and still cant control the pain! they say the next step is injections but we cant do them at home so she will be in hospital. i cant believe how quickly she has gone down hill. it sucks. the last doc we saw said he wont give her anymore chemo and isnt even sure she will survive this round as she is so emaciated. ive never seen her liek this and its breakin my heart watchin her waste away. how come its gone so quick??? i dont understand how it could progress from stage 4 a few weeks ago to now only havin a matter of weeks left!!!
has anyone been in the same situation?

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So sorry to hear that! My husband was diagnosed in October with stage 4 stomach cancer with bonce cancer as secondary. I am very thankful he is doing well with the chemo. Unfortunately there is no way to predict. Maybe in the hospital they can get her pain under control and get her weight up enough for more treatment.

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thanks heaps fpr replyin, mum is still in hospital, they have told me it is so advanced it may only be a number of weeks, have said there will be no more chemo as it wont do any difference, very hard to hear and deal with but noone has said anything to her so thats good i guess. hope ur hubby has a better diagnosis then my mum had and thanks for sharing

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Hey my name is Mitsue and my mom is a stage four stomach cancer patient too. She is pretty much in the same situation as your mom but only my mom is having a stronger dose of chemo and has a tube in her stomach sucking out her water. I'm really heart broken about my mom's condition and how everyone is saying she's gonna die soon. So I've been researching alot and found out that Sour sop cures cancer. And I've been making sour sop leaf tea everyday for her. I've noticed that my mom's legs and ankles are swelling alot and I've been worrying alot. I've tried to make this and that for her but some how I don't see any progress. Days are passing fast and my mom only has a little to live. I hope that me telling you this shows that we're on the same page and we gotta hang in there.

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