Treatment decision made

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First of all I would like to thank each and everyone who has posted to my inquiries and, in particular, Vascoda & Kongo. Your suggestions and information have been invaluable.

After countless hours of research on line and books, conversations with other prostate victims, four doctors and the University of Jacksonville Proton center, second opinion on slides from John Hopkins, we have reached a unanimous decision.
Although Jacksonville said proton therapy would work, my husband has decided against that as all the doctors have advised him otherwise. His cancer is simply to aggressive.

He has decided to go with IMRT and hormone therapy and I agree. We will be meeting with the radiation oncologist week after next and a treatment plan will be finalized.

He is very anxious about the side effect of the hormone therapy and the IMRT, I'm sure, but realizes the alternative would be far worse. I pray he does well and I pray I remain strong for him throughout this. I have found a tremendous amount of strength in reading your stories and posting, and when it gets to be too much I either go pound golf balls or go for a ride and cry.

I will say I believe we both feel a big sigh of relief that a decision has been made and treatment will soon start.

I wish everyone on this site, good health, strong bodies and positive energy and loving support from people around you.
Your wives, family and friends don't know exactly how you feel, but love you and are there to support you the best way they know how.

I will continue to post and read your posts and keep you all informed of how treatment is going. God Bless you and your families and keep fighting the good fight. God is watching and prayers help. I am praying for us all. Be positive, it's 50% of the battle!


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    HT plus RT; a good choice

    I am very glad to read about your decision. Surely the side effects will be there but the majority of us have managed to control them well.
    I hope that the treatment is eventless and that soon this becomes just another past chapter in your lives.

    Please let us know about the protocols suggested by your radiologist.

    The best to you both.
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    Great that you made a decision
    My best thoughts are with you.

    I'm glad that you are positive, in my opinion it is 100 percent.

    Good luck
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    will keep you posted
    Thanks - will continue to update
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    Good fo r you. Best of
    Good fo r you. Best of luck. Great support form you and a posative attitude are great weapons against this disease.
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    Well done
    Well informed, thoughtful, timely. No regrets. Thanks for an excellent example of how to address such a decision.
    So this decision does not include seed boost?