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Everyone has a suggestion to cure cancer.

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Everyone I know has a suggestion to cure my cancer. The newest one is to go to a holistic health place in Austin, TX. Has anyone heard of this place? Optimum Health Institute of Austin. They also have another one in California. Here is the web site.
The classes are for a week. The tuition is $875 for a week plus Rooms are $275-$815 unless you want to rent an entire guest house with several rooms for $2,300. They offer Cleansing your Body, Quieting your Mind and Renewing your Spirit.
There are testimonies on their web site from people that went and when they left their cancer showed smaller or gone all together. They really push Wheatgrass Juicing and raw vegetables. They grow Wheatgrass in greenhouses on the grounds.
I know a lot of ladies on this site push organic vegetables and a vegan diet but have any of you ever heard of this place? trish

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I'd be careful if anyone has "the cure for cancer". When they have to charge that amount of money it tends to be suspicious. You can also check with the BBB to see what they might show with complaints or comments, etc.

After viewing the site, almost reminds me of a spa...could be relaxing, as well as informative if nothing else.


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Howdy TX Trisha,

Waves from Corinth, north of DFW. I haven't heard of this place but my mom has cancer, and my two sisters and I have done an extensive amount of research on Gerson therapy centers (They have centers in Hawaii and Mexico) to understand if it could help her. Gerson is considered one of the forefathers of all this juicing cures cancer talk. You can look it up online for details. We and she decided against her going there, but she is incorporating some of their philosophies into her diet as it helps support your total treatment plan. Cancer loves artificial sugars and hates the oxygen and vitamin rich juice found in vegetables.

My mom is juicing at home with a Breville, (the Vitamix is apparently much easier to clean but pricey at 500-600 dollars). She has stage 4B and has had good results with this helping her keep her white blood cell count up for chemo and her CA125 dropped from 95 to 32! She's also eating from The Cancer Fighting Kitchen which has lots of gourmet spa-type recipes. You might even treat yourself by hiring a personal chef to prepare some of the veggie drinks and vegan recipes to see if you like them before shelling out for their course.

A word of caution about thinking that juicing alone can cure cancer...one of my family friends died recently from cancer. She was in her 50's, not her 70's like my mom and she had chosen to forgo all chemo and traditional Western treatments. So in my experience I think finding a balance between diet and some traditional approaches may be your best bet along with talking to any referrals who have used the center's services to get their thoughts.

My two cents,
Jen H.

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It was an interesting and overall worthwhile experience, though I agree it is not cheap.
I think it was useful for me to have the complete break between my old way of eating and my new way. I'm not totally raw, by any stretch, but I am generally vegan now. Going through the "detox" helped me pay better attention to how my body reacts to food.
Wheatgrass is truly an acquired taste that I have never acquired. I'm not at all convinced it is all that its promoters say it is. On the other hand, when I came back home, after only 5 days, everyone who saw me was impressed by how revitalized I looked.
As for testimonials--who knows? I've heard good things about these particular places too, but I tend to be skeptical. It's really a matter of how much good you think it might do for you, and whether you are willing to put out the money for the experiment.

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