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Praise God- Cancer's in remission after bone marrow test

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tall floridian
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Today I got to see my onocologist and received great news from my bone marrow test of last week. Test showed lymphoma in remission - prayer and awesome doctoring has brought me back from what six months ago looked like my life was over. I was able to walk into the doctor's office without my walker for the first time and faces were gleaming and smiles abundant there. I must continue Rituxen every two months for maintence which will be easy after the long six month battle with chemo. I want to encourage everyone to ask for prayer and keep a positive attitude while going through treatment and watch the results unfold. You can beat the cancer as I have and can then thank God for His healing touch. God bless you all as you progress toward recovery.

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Thats wonderful news and I'm so very happy for you. Thank you for sharing with us and my thoughts and prayers will continue for "ALL" of us to do good with each passing day! Enjoy your good news. The Rituxan is totally do-able compared to the chemo treatments! My next Rituxan infusion will be Feb 14th. I spent last Valentines day getting Rituxan also...maybe next year I can spend it doing something else..(knock on wood).
Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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tall floridian
Posts: 95
Joined: Dec 2011

Thank you so much for your prayers Sue - February 13th will be my second Rituxan maintence infusion - love the every two month periods between treatments. I'm looking forward like you to the day it's over with though. God bless you in your recovery. Hugs Steve

miss maggie
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Hi Steve,

Hopefully you will do as well as others having Rituxan treatment. I too, send you my prayers
and blessings for your recovery.

Love and hugs Maggie

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Hi Tall Floridian,
Thank God for the wonderful news that your in remission! Stay strong in your faith and take care of yourself. Sending you only positive thoughts that you continue on with great health.


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tall floridian
Posts: 95
Joined: Dec 2011

Liz- thank you for your prayers and comments - prayer does work. I have had terrible feelings in the past about being in the hospital since both my father (age 40) and older brother (age 25) died in the hospital while being treated. But in my case the doctors and nurses were wonderful and my onocologist awesome. I praise God for my healing most of all.
Thank you again, hugs Steve

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Absolutely great news, Steve! Your life has been spared for a purpose. You have chosen wisely to praise Him Who gave you your life in the first place. The life that may have been slipping unnoticed through your fingers now has new meaning. I offer a litany of prayers each morning before my feet touch the floor. My life hangs by a thread. But, when that thread is made of prayer, it is extremely strong. Thumbs up!

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