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insight on Cyberknife centers NY/NJ?

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any one have any information/experiences with Cyberknife tx centers in NY/NJ?

Current location is Staten Island. I'm somewhat surprised by the lack of it use in Manhattan. Looks Like NJ/Long Island for us for a consult. Riverview Medical center is about 40 minutes from us.

Any one with insight/experience on any of these centers in my area?

thanks in advance

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Winthrop University hospital on Long island is where I am going. It is in Mineola about 50 minutes from you. Starting tomorrow with actual treatment so no long term results and feedback available. Not thrilled with fiducial placement procedure, and not happy with scheduling department. Otherwise OK

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I think it may be because in NY the state needs to approve any machine that goes in a hospital and the equipment is so expensive that private doctors can't afford it. There is also a place on Long Island called Cyberknife of Long Island it is where my dad went. They took great care of him and really spent the time to explain everything. From what I understand they have great outcomes. It doesnt hurt to get more than one opinion and since they are quick treatments and dont require weeks of driving it is worth it. You can look them up online. I could get you the number if you want it.

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A Dr. Katz, a radiation oncologist at the above facility has a web site where he gives a lot of info about his method, his experience and results. I wish it were as easy to learn this about all the oncologist that we may want to consider. Located in Queens.
The link; http://www.cyberknifeprostateradiosurgery.com/treatments/

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