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Back from Houston (MDA)

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Kenny H.
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Spent 3 days there (2 @ MD Anderson) since now have mets to lungs went there for a 2nd opinion. Was very impressed with the facilitys there and the team I was assigned to. Can see why now that place is rated so high.

They showed me some things I never knew I even had. Besides mets to lungs also found out have cancerous scar tissue in pelvis region (growing) left behind from rectum resection (only takes one cell left behind to spread) And some C. nodes in lungs showing dead tissue present. Which means nodes must have been there before I went on 1st chemo regimen. (was never told of this from local PET scans)

Anyway looks like more chemo again is the best option. This time Irinotecan and Bevacizumab (no folfiri) which they gave the orders there and my local ONC can administer here. Will be going back up there every 3 months for scans and tests.

While there did ask them about juicing remedies ect & he said It wont hurt you(cept more diarreah)and really didnt support it as there is no solid evidence yet all that really works.
However did mention he was involved in some TCM testing with good results but not ready to commit to that solely yet.
They already have a appt set for me here with my local Onc for monday am. Will keep the semis updated.
I recommend going there (or to any major cancer center) as I left knowing much more on my situation and treatment plans than ever before.

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Sorry to hear that you have to go back on chemo, but glad you found MD Anderson to have facilities and docs that inspire confidence.

Hope that the new treatment does the trick.

Best wishes and hugs,

Marie who loves kitties

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Praying for a fast cure!

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Sounds a little scary but better knowing than not knowing is my attitude. Glad you decided to continue your scans at MDA. They can best help you with comparing "apples to apples" when they rescan after treatment. Sounds like you have your Battle Plan and now are Ready to do Battle. Keep us with you as you continue your journey. Prayers for you and for good results.


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