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I always wondered

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why they call cancer a battle. Now I know..every battle brings victories. We have won so many tough ones but I just want to win the war!!!!!!!!!!! Just say'n...val

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Joined: Jul 2011

good reflection on the battle and I hope we all win the war


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I see your point, Val, but I have the opposite opinion.

We use the war analogy because our society has a "war" mentality. We are not winning the war on drugs nor the war on cancer. I personally dislike the war analogy. You might as well call everything a war if you just want to celebrate victories: the war on dirty toilets, the war on bad moods, the war on life in general, etc.

Going to war puts one in the "fight mode" whereupon the sympathetic nervous system is dominant. Healing is considerably impaired when one is in fight mode. Better to laugh and be grateful for small miracles than fight cancer--the cancer isn't some alien creature living inside us. Cancer is a collective of deranged cells that don't know when to die. To call cancer a "beast" makes it even scarier to deal with.

I talk to my cancer every day and let the cancer know that it can go back to acting like normal cells again and just die like it's supposed to. I'm not fighting a war on cancer.

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finding treatments and cures as is spent on wars around the world.


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I so much want the same thing. And there is nothing wrong with that!

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At Gilda's Club they don't want you to use terms like war on cancer or battle but I am in a fight for my life and I don't think they should tell people how to deal with their cancer. Everyone deals with cancer differently and there is no right or wrong way . For me talking to my cancer wouldn't work, I can only think of bad words to use, lol.

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may they find a cure soon

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If I talk to my cancer my mother would wash my mouth out with soap after that. I thinkg fight a battle is a good way to say it. I am going to fight to the death, the death of the cancer or the death of me and a battle it will be. I am trying to look at it this way it is a win win for me if I win the war then I have beet the cancer and will live for many many years. If I lose the war with cancer then I am in the arms of my heavely father and rejoicing with my loved ones whe went before me, and holding my three little angels that I did not get to hold here. So it is a win win for me, I also don't see anything wrong with calling it whatever you want just as long as you are fighting it.


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Our mothers must of been related...big on the soap thing. Not only did my sisters and I taste the "whatever brand of soap on hand" for actually saying the words (I was always frighten to do that), but she applied it also if we used substituted words....something about intent.

As has be said some many times on this board by so many writers, when you battle this monster (and it IS a war), look around there is an army of us that is fighting too. Anne, great is your faith and I too know the source of my strength and where I'll be if I don't beat it. I'll be OK no matter what. Like you said it is a win-win. We serve an awesome Lord.


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