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A little confused on the RMI report before the surgery on Jan 24

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This is the followup on my original post http://csn.cancer.org/node/232384
I just had the MRI done before the scheduled surgery on Jan 24. The report is somehow confused. I have fixed the report to my urologist, but am wondering anyone has similar experiences. I included partial report here:

"There is again identified to be a mixed signal lesion involving the lower pole of the right kidney. The appears more well defined and demonstrated increased focal signal in the periphery of the mass which demonstrates signal characteristics of suspected methemoglobin with some increased peripheral signal on T1. There is a well-defined wall noted on this study with some decreased signal on T2 which might suggest some hemosiderin. The mass also appears slightly smaller than on the prior study. Currently the mass measures 5x4x5 cm. Previously the mass measured 5.8x6.2 cm. The question is raised whether this represents either a tumor with intrinsic hemorrhage versus a hematoma which is slowly resolving. Certainly as discussed previously, I cannot exclude malignant neoplasm with hemorrhage..."

Size is getting 1+ cm smaller in 4 weeks. What this mean? I probably still go with surgery on Jan 24, but definitely would like to hear from this discussion board.

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I won't pretend to know what any of the size change, location or node involvement means - get that sucker taken out.... appears 1/24 is your date. Those are question for your doctor. I am happy for you. Please let us all know how things work out - we'll all pray for an excellent outcome, slay that beast that's invaded your wellness!!!


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I agree with Tom These are questions for your doctor. One possability though is that the minor change in the size of the little rascal may be an illuson. The scan shows a 3 dimensional view which is not suject to exact neasurement and could account for the change in size. Good luck on your surgery,


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