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a picture of my daughter, my butt and artesiane methods of operation

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do you think i will get into trouble putting this as public on my blog ?

the methods of action are documents i have shared at the bottom of the blog in my goggle docs. i made them public but noone can change them. i got them from a trusted source.

if anyones interested, the reasons sound compelling.

this info ain't anywhere public on the net. i know a few people here in sydney are looking for these details.

the presentations were given to help me, so i am sharing it so if you understand the presentations please explain them to me. I actually understand almost, its my way of justifying sharing them.

i hope doctor sign forgives me, but i saw no copyright in the presentation, and again its my life i am trying to save and just sharing the attempt. if it educates others to ask questions well and good.



ps if anyone else is interested in detailed artesiane discussion put links and questions here. i am researching the best methods of operation. Even if you think its a load of rubbish let me know. All comers and opinions welcome. Its about $20 per day.

pps if your interested in fighting your cancer with the genetic edge
I am doing the fitgenes test asap

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Where do I find the picture of your butt? Lisa

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a few other cancer friends here who have done the rgcc molecular test all have artesiane 80 as a recommended treatment.

non toxic, hopefully effective, not real expensive, apparently not involved in multdrug resistance. do it yourself.


its just a glimpse of the butt, its the juicer, the coffee machine and my daughter that makes the photo. i hope this stuff helps.

the research papers at the end of my blog gave me details about dosage, timing and interactions with regard using artesiane as a cancer killing compound

from pubmed, a few good studies

i am doing this because my molecular analysis said my tumour cells are killed by it most effectively.

i am taking 2 x 200mg artesiane caps breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week.
except for four dinners i skip the caps and do a nightly imi injection.

Flavonoids from Artemisia annua L. as antioxidants and their potential synergism with artemisinin against malaria and cancer.
Ferreira JF, Luthria DL, Sasaki T, Heyerick A.
USDA-ARS, Appalachian Farming Systems Research Center, 1224 Airport Rd., Beaver, WV 25813, USA. Jorge.Ferreira@ars.usda.gov
Artemisia annua is currently the only commercial source of the sesquiterpene lactone artemisinin.Since artemisinin was discovered as the active component of A. annua in early 1970s, hundreds of papers have focused on the anti-parasitic effects of artemisinin and its semi-synthetic analogs dihydroartemisinin, artemether, arteether, and artesunate. Artemisinin per se has not been used in mainstream clinical practice due to its poor bioavailability when compared to its analogs. In the past decade, the work with artemisinin-based compounds has expanded to their anti-cancer properties. Although artemisinin is a major bioactive component present in the traditional Chinese herbal preparations (tea), leaf flavonoids, also present in the tea, have shown a variety of biological activities and may synergize the effects of artemisinin against malaria and cancer. However, only a few studies have focused on the potential synergistic effects between flavonoids and artemisinin. The resurgent idea that multi-component drug therapy might be better than monotherapy is illustrated by the recent resolution of the World Health Organization to support artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACT), instead of the previously used monotherapy with artemisinins. In this critical review we will discuss the possibility that artemisinin and its semi-synthetic analogs might become more effective to treat parasitic diseases (such as malaria) and cancer if simultaneously delivered with flavonoids. The flavonoids present in A. annua leaves have been linked to suppression of CYP450 enzymes responsible for altering the absorption and metabolism of artemisinin in the body, but also have been linked to a beneficial immunomodulatory activity in subjects afflicted with parasitic and chronic diseases.

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I was just teasing you Pete, trying to be funny. I hope you didn't misinterpret it is disrespect to all the research you have done and unselfishly shared. Lisa

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also has a good overview of it on their website. One thing they mention is that it shouldn't be used in conjunction with antacids, which I assume would include cimetidine. So that left me wondering a little bit...otherwise, it sounds very interesting!

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