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Type II Diabetic - perspectives on artificial sweeteners affecting tumor growth?

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I'm newly diagnosed and trying to read all the information I can on my cancer and wondered if there is any proof/study on artificial sweeteners and tumor growth. I know there are several now but I usually just try to only use items with splenda rather than aspartame and rarely use things with saccharin.



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Hi, Julia--

It's great that you are thinking about how dietary changes may improve cancer survival. There are many threads on this board that discuss foods that may halt cancer progression. Although many believe that this information is controversial, I believe that at the very least a better diet improves our overall health--certainly a plus in fighting any disease.

Some experts, including the National Cancer Institute Inflammation and Cancer Think Tank, believe that "Chronic inflammation appears to contribute to tumor progression by establishing a milieu conducive to development of different cancers." Thus, I have chosen to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet, copies of which you can find on this board by using the search function.

The one sweetener that is found to be extremely anti-inflammatory is Stevia. Are you able to use this sweetener? How about agave nectar, another sweetener that is not as bad as the artificial ones? You need to limit your fruit intake, correct? If not, then I like to sweeten my foods with mashed fruit.

Type II diabetes responds very well to changes in diet and exercise. As a side benefit, you may find that you can reverse your diabetes.

All the best,


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Thank you for the post - I'll look up the diet info on the boards and try Stevia out. I had not tried that and have stayed mainly with Splenda sweetened things since it was the least offensive of the artificial ones. And yes, it would be great to reverse my diabetes. Thank you for the info!

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After I was diagnosed one thing I dropped instantly anything "artificial" and that included sweeteners. I was a huge soda drinker and now drink green tea with a small amount of Stevia. My nutritionist suggested Stevia, but as with everything -- use it in moderation.

I've gotten used to plain things and try to get my sweet tooth filled via fresh fruits.


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Good idea to drop artificial stuff! I never liked to use anything with them but as a diabetic, options are limited. I am interested in trying Stevia now if I need it.


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