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NSCLC - Diagnosed Mother's Day, May 9, 2010 - stage 3b

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I was in total shock. I had been sick for a while, my pcp was treating only the symptoms and I was getting worse. He sent me for a colonoscopy, a mammogram, put me on an antibiotic for a fungus. Finally my husband insisted we go to the E.R. at the medical college, (which turned out to be one of the finest cancer institutes in the U.S.).

The very first thing they did was to order a chest x-ray because my chief complaint was right lung pain. I remember how sad the staff were when they had to tell us of the results. My short term memory is sketchy because of the heavy duty pain meds BUT, I am alive and the tumor is dead. The lymph nodes are healed.

The tumor stopped shrinking and is still too large to operate, so it will remain in my chest and apparently is the cause of the remaining pain. To get to it the surgeon would have to crack open my chest and the tumor is in the top lobe of my right lung.

When we were first told the news, I was given a 20% chance of living. I love my onc and the team. My husband never gave up on me and we thank God every day.

The tumor was the size of a large grapefruit, now it is the size of a softball.

God performs miracles every day and I will never doubt it again.

I still have my port, but it will be removed soon. There are no promises, but I put my trust in God. Maybe with the onc team and Him I will live a great many more years.

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I, too, had to go to E.R. to get diagnosed due to my pcp not treating my symptoms - shortness of breath, chest pain and not wanting to give me chest ex-ray because I was not wheezing. End result - went to emergency room 12/28 where chest x-ray and CAT scan diagnosed with Stage 3B cancer on 1/3/2012. I have mediastinal lymph nodes involved (tumor in upper right lode about the size of a grapefruit also. Starting chemo and radiation concurrently on 1/30 (involved in clinical trial). What agents did you have for your chemotherapy? What maintenance therapy will you be on to keep you in remission? So glad to here that lymph nodes have stabilized.

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