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Mums going to have more chemo

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Hi all, just to let you know mum has seen her onc today and she is going to have more chemo! She is going to have another 2 weeks to get her strength up ( hopefully ) and then she will have the chemo weekly, mum doesn't know what she is having or for how long, does anyone know which ones are normally given weekly? The really good news for mum is that she can go to the hospice to have the chemo, she will have to have the first one at the hospital but then can carry on at the hospice, they have only just started doing it there so she is very lucky, it is the same place that she spent a month over xmas, what a relief, it is just a few miles up the road and a wonderful place. I just hope that mum can tolerate the chemo, I know she will do her best, that is all she can do X

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I am thrilled to read your latest update.
Get your mum as well as you can and tell her to fight fight fight.
It sounds like it may be topotecan. My mum had this 3 weeks on and then one off. Topo can be harsh on the bloods, but I have read that some women found this to be the easiest of all their chemos.
Good luck and give your mum a big (( hug)) from me xxx Liz xxx

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This is great news, and I know you wanted to hear this! I hope your mom continues to gain strength and can tolerate the chemo.

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Glad you are staying positive. Get mom the strongest she can be and hydrate hydrate hydrate before treatment!!!

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