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Cancer is back

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Hi all
I always thought after five years I would be safe!!!

How about that I was wrong.

Ya know what else they told me the chemo was preventive.
Well it was prevented it prevented me from having a life for 5 years.
The good thing is I have non small cancer.
The tumor that came back in my right lung is about the size of a dime.
I lost my left lung in 2006.
I did pretty good till the chemo. I have not been the same since

If they use it to shrink a tumor I guess it is ok but it sure kills a lot of cells.

Guess I am a cry baby but I have not been out of pain for five years .
The sad part of that is it shows on your face and usually it is your family watching it.

So you can live with it but it sure sucks for your family.
God got me threw this and he will help any one who ask
God bless you

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Glenna M
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Gregg, I'm so sorry to hear that your cancer is back and that you are still in pain. My cancer came back in both lungs now and I just finished chemo with taxol and carboplatin. Tomorrow I go to see the Research Nurse to find out if I qualify for the clinical trial my oncologist wants me to do, it's with Sinutinib, I've never heard of it so I'll have to google it. I'm still tired all the time which is another side effect that shows in your face so you can't hide it from your family which I hate. You try to put on a happy face but they know better.

We will both SURVIVE!!! God got us this far he won't let us down now.

My best to you always,

sleepless in jersey
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I agree "C" ..... your all intitled to be down for a day or so, but than you have to lift your chin and stay positive!

Remember that little train that he thought he couldn't do it...well...you could to!!

Stay positive and God Bless

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The reocurrence utterly sucks. I'd be a bitter/angry person right now. But if survival is what we are aiming for...negativity doesn't help...not that I do not feel negative at times...I just try to stay away.

But I totally get that this sucks. I will be praying for you. May God bless you...cyber hugs

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I am so sorry that the cancer is back for both of you. I hate that this happens to good people. Strange thing though, I just came back from my 3 1/2 year appointment. (New surgeon, the one I had left and went to a different hospita) That at 5 year mark I would be cured. Wow I thought this sounded great, but of course there is a catch. But that once you have cancer the chances for another increase. I wasn't sure what he meant, so I said breast? Lung? he nodded. Does that mean that if it recurres in lung it's a new cancer? If anyone has any thoughts on this I would appreciate hearing them.

Stay strong and keep fighting. Prayers and hugs going out.


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Chemo and radiation treat cancer but they can cause cancers later in life. And/or we just hit the lottery for the genes that cause whatever other cancer comes our way.

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Glenna M
Posts: 1576
Joined: May 2009

Cathy, I'm no expert but from what I understand is if your lung cancer spreads to your breast it is considered lung cancer that has metastasized(sp)to your breast. If I can find where I read that I will post it for you so you can better understand.

Stay strong,

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You are correct. It is all to do with the genetic markers of the cancer cells, which show where it originated. My husband has a pancreatic mass but the pathology says lung cancer.

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If your breast cancer comes back in your lung and the biospy shows that it is in fact breast cancer, then you have now have a metastasis of breast cancer. If the biospy comes back Lung, then you now have a secondary cancer. This is my case. 2008 breast cancer and now Lung cancer 2011. I am sorry to hear that your cancer is back for the both of you. You both are strong people and have made it this far, you will get through this journey as well no matter how hard it gets. Tell yourself that I allow myself to cry, yell and maybe even throw things only for the next 12 hrs or 24 hrs....but then pick yourself up and hold your head high!!! Positive thinking and laughter, now matter what. We are here for both of you. There are powers in numbers!! God Bless!

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Greg and Glenna,

I'm so sorry to hear that you've suffered a recurrence, I will keep you in my prayers and you are certianly an inspiration to me.

God Bless

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So sorry Greg that the beast is back. Have you been tested for mutations? There are some really good new drugs out there for those who test positive. Keep us posted and know that we all care and are rooting for you, just as you have rooted for us.

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Joined: Apr 2011

that the beast is attacking you yet again. I can only imagine how ticked off you are. Just when we think we are going to be free of this shadow......it clutches again. I know you beat it once and you can do it again. You are not alone and I am sure you have a wonderful support team at home. Go ahead and get mad, yell, cry or whatever you need to do, then get mentally and physically as strong as you can, to beat the tar outta this beast again. Know you will be on my daily prayer list Greg and keep us posted on how you are doing. Postive thoughts to you and your family. God bless. Cheryl

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So sorry for this news. We all hurt with you. Hopefully since it is so small, the fight wont be as bad. Is there a plan? Surgery? Chemo? You know you are not alone. Stay in touch, we will be here for you.

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Greg...stay strong and positive.grit your teeth and take that awful chemo.i wish all the best and god bless you!

granny maggie
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Hang in there Gregg. I'm like you I get my hopes up and then I'm knocked down but I still want to give it allI got, you inspired me along the way so I wish you the very best. I will sure keep you in my prayers. Our families are our strength and I know they feel our pain and frustration and with their help will keep going.

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Your profile picture shows that you have great support system. I wish you the best in this struggle. May you find comfort in friends, family and your online community here.

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