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Questions for the men

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I usually post on the BC discussion board but now it is my husband. Last year May he had the Turp procedure for his prostate. At that time they said no cancer. They placed a suprapubic catheter in which he still has. A couple of months ago he started to have severe pain when he completely emptied his bladder with the cath. Plus the end of the cath would be completely covered with crystals and he stated passing stone regularly. They kept putting him on atibiotics. Finally the pain got so bad it would drop him to his knees and now they want to run a camera up into the bladder and also do some biopsies. The urologist did mention cancer asa a possible reason for the pain. Has this happened to any of you?

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Cytology showed some cancer cells and I began BCG therapy this week. Sorry I didn't see this post sooner. I hope you follow the urologist's advice or get a second opinion. There are many ways in which he can be treated but they need to know what to treat first. Good luck. Mike

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