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Dad had a full day of appointments at the Mayo today. The good news - his tumor has strunk significantly, there is no cancer anywhere else. I feel a little overwhelmed because this whole time I thought he was going to have the IL, but come to find out, there's only 2cm of the tumor in the esophagus, so he is having the Roux-Y procedure. His actual cancer is esophageal junction cancer. Everything I've been researching has been wrong. Oh boy!

So... if anyone has experience with this surgery, comments welcome! Surgery is tomorrow morning early. A very stressful day for all tomorrow.


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well, I cant comment on that surgery because i have never heard of it but i have a good vibes and wish you the best.

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Thanks for the well wishes, Jim!

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Good thoughts, well wishes and prayers headed your way Jen.

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To your dad. I am not aware of that procedure either. I missed meeting you and your dad when I was at mayo. Did visit with Bob and Linda family. Glad I did. God bless...


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