stomach cancer/stage 4 with j-tube issues

My Dad is on cycle 4 of his chemo treatment. He was diagnosed in Sept and surgery was not an option. He had the j-tube inserted and it was a tough road at the beginning. Although things have settled a bit he is currently on his 3rd tube and may be getting another new one inserted after 5 weeks of the last one. It continues to crimp and the opening of the tube is now very loose. Most people I've spoken to have not had so many issues with the j-tube? Any personal experience to share with us??



  • bonitoweiy282
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    Hi, what's the status now?
    Hi, what's your dad's status now? Does he get better or does he have good news? He had so many issures with the J-Tube... It is not a common case. - mortgage calculator | loan calculator
  • yohab
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    J-tube or G-tube
    Sorry to hear that. My husband has a J-tube that was placed in Nov, 2011. So far we havent have any problem. J tube is usually longer than a G-tube and the end is ussually ballooned up and stitched to the skin for further anchor so it should be very stable. Did you check with your surgeon if they inserted a Jtube and not a Gtube?
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    J tube
    I had a terrible time with my J tube. Never could get the thing to work. I ended up having to be fed with TPN.