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Scary Week

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Sorry to pile on after a scary week with so many other setbacks for us:-(

I have been in the hospital since Thursday night. I presented with massive pain, bloating, and fecal vomiting and diarrhea. Their original prognosis was a perforated bowel, which is kind of a de-facto death sentence for me due to the way my tumors are interspersed with my blood vessels, which kind of rule out surgery for me.

But, I am rallying. Either the perforations were so small they healed themselves or my gastric system needed a break. Either way I am still here and am starting to feel better. My Acites got drained 3 times, the last had yeast cells? in it. Other than that it was the usual drill. Lots of poking and prodding, starvation , Paracenteses, and struggling with pain spikes.,

My thoughts are with you all and I wish all those facing hard times strength and pain relief. Can I ask someone who uses the Peritoneal Board to get a message over there too? I hate typing on the ipad :-p

Love and Strength,


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I copied your message over to the Peritoneal Board.

You have had a rough week.

Hope they can get the pain meds up enough to keep you pain free.

Praying for an easier time for you.


Marie who loves kitties

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So sorry to hear of your pain and these recent developments. Yes, it seems there is a lot going on with so many right now, but there will always be a "kind" ear here and, fortunately(or unfortunately,as the case may be) someone may be able to offer a solution with their experience. I hope you will be much improved and able to return home soon.



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I'd say that's a rough week but so good things are resolving. Sorry for all you've had to go through.

Sending light and prayers


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for a fast recovery hoping you can be at home very very soon.Beside that must tell you that I understand you very well, I hate to type on my Ipad as well, what a torture ! .Hahaha.
Take care and get well very soon my friend!

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That's a handful you've got going...fecal vomiting? Oh my! I just can't imagine...saw it once on a House episode and it was sobering on TV, much less in person.

I'm glad thing have reversed for you and the prognosis sounds much improved...hope things will continue to go well for you and the pain stays within your grasp.

Doesn't sound like a good time at all - but glad you are in a facility that can watch out over you and respond appropriately.

Thanks for taking the time to stop in and post...the thoughts of the community will be with you.


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You are such a fighter, I hate to hear everything that you are going through. I'm praying you get better real soon and can go home and get some peaceful rest.

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Wow, you sure been put through the ringer this week. I'm glad that you're starting to feel better. I sure hope the doctors can come up with better answers for you. Take care.

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Sorry for all that's happened. Hoping for healing asap.

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