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The concept of ‘Usui’s’ energy (called Reiki), is to increase the living energy of the Spiritual Chakras. Crown, Ear Chakras sometimes called the Kings Crown, heart, Throat & Third Eye.
The clues are in the concept of his 21 day meditation when he was shown 4 Symbols and told how to use them.
When anybody harmonises, that is hold any of the Symbols, one at a time, they may be aware of different vibrations. It is these vibrations when applied via an Attunement Formula into the energy centres that increase the living Energy but, they have to be sealed to maintain the vibration.
Reiki does not heal in the conventional way.
It is our sub-consciousness that create most of our negative direction and it is in that area that healing must take place.
The by-product of the increased vibrations of the Energy Centres is to work on the sub-consciousness of the client to remove the blockages that have been allowed to reside as belief patterns within self, when these blockages are removed then the client is aware of a release, ‘I feel much better now’
Get that concept into the medical profession and everybody will benefit with health and happiness.
Reiki is not in conflict with any religion, to suggest that it is is in conflict with any teaching.
So what are we, human that is.
We are a soul inhabiting this physical body to learn and enjoy.
When the body passes to dust to dust the soul continues on.
Look up 'russian boy reincarnated' and think about waht he suggestes.
So we then come back to Reiki and how it helps to remove the blockages.
When it is correctly applied it is a living energy at a higher level than we normally experience.
And that is only the tip of the iceburgh.

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I did not see any info under your profile, do you have cancer or are a posting from the Reiki/health perspective?
I too believe we are a mass of energy, or have what's often called a soul, and that our bodies can and do get out of balance which in turn becomes disease. I used to practice a form of yoga/meditation call Dahn Hak which comes from Korea. While it started out as an exercise, yoga, meditation place it soon became a sort of cult where they kept trying to sell you more and more "special classes". Many groups become like that unfortunately...
But the basic concepts they taught were similar to reiki, tai chi, and other eastern forms of meditation where we have shakras that get blocked and cause us ill health.

I agree that it could be helpful in conjunction with western medicine as well as diet too.
Thanks for posting

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