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prostate cancer to bone, psa keep going high, chemo treatment not working, seek for help

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prostate cancer to bone, haivng chemo treatment ( cabazitaxel ) twice, psa still keep going up from 1300 to 1700 in 2 months, anybody here has any idea about it and seek for your help, would like to know the best place or doctor to treat prostate cancer, thank you for your help. psa goes up so fast even though having chemo treatment, does it mean chemo treatment not working? what to do next? can get provenge treatment? how long does it usually take to get provenge treatment proved? doctor said if this cabazitaxel chemo treatment doesn't work, he will be out of option. so don't know what to do now, please help!

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sorry to hear of your issue. There are a lot of places depending on where u are located. I would look at Hopkins in Maryland or Sloan Kettering in NY. What treatments have you had so far and when were you first diagnosed?

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thank you for your response. one of my family was diagnosed advanced prostate cancer about 2 years ago, doctor said he couldn't get surgery, so he had radiation treatment. then his psa down below 5, then they said he was cured, no treatment after then except luprin every 3 months, but 3 months later, his psa up to 65, they said his cancer went to bone already, then started hormone treatment plus zometa for bone treatment for 3 months, then psa still up to 250, then they stopped hormone treatment for a month to let medicine get out of his body system before giving new treatment, then he changed doctor, new doctor told him about provenge, then he waited for provenge treatment for another 2 months, so he had no treatment for total 3 months except luprin and treatment for bone, then his psa up to 1300, then doctor started his chemo treatment ( docetaxel ) 2 month ago, his first docetaxel chemo treatment is fine, but they had to stop treatment during his second one because his bad body rejection, then one week later, they started a new chemo treatment ( cabazitaxel ), he had blood side effects, white cell, red cell both dropped, and he had to have blood transfusion, but his pain stopped, and he felt better, one week ago he had his second cabazitaxel chemo treatment, he was fine, but today his blood test showed that his white cell, red cell and plateles all too low, he had to have another blood transfusion for both his red cell and plateles, and his psa still keep going up to about 1700, it seems he has to have blood transfusion every month, and his psa went up 400 within 2 months even though having chemo treatment. and doctor told him he would be out of option if this chemo treatment doesn't work. so he was so disappointed, i just want to know what else i can do for him. any experience or any other ways to treat him? we are living in TN. thank you for your help!

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I am sorry to read about failure of carbazitaxel. You have not shared a past chronology of events in your treatment which would made us to understand better your present situation, but it is common practice of oncologists to change drugs when one fails.
In your case carbazitaxel (Jevtana) would be substituted probably by docetaxel (Taxotere).

Another drug in use for patients experiencing chemo failure is abiraterone acetate (Zytiga). You should discuss the matter with your doctor the soonest to try stopping cancer from spreading. PSA at 1700 is very high but still in levels of control.

I wonder how have you found about the apparent bone metastases, was it with a positive bone scan or pain ?
Are you getting any medication for metastases already?
Drugs used in the treatment of advanced cases interact with each other which need constant vigilance and control. You may also investigate clinical trials which are safe and provide newer drugs known to be successful in treating bone metastases such as; radium-223 (Alpharadin) and denosumab (XGEVA).
You can find details on these drugs in the net and you can look for trials at the National Cancer Institute here (type prostate cancer);

Depending where you are located, famous oncologists caring for advanced cases are Dr. Charles Myers (Virginia) and; Dr. Steven Strum and Dr. Mark Schultz and Dr. Robert Leibowitz (California). Dr. Myers is a researcher and uses abiraterone in treating failure from chemo.
Again you have to discuss the problem with your doctor, or otherwise search the net typing the above doctor’s names for locations.

Hope for the best.

Good luck.

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thank you for the information. i will let him try.

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Unfortunately chemo is the last option to use in the fight for cancer control. It seems there is not enough detail in your letter to give me something to work on. Please, if you come back to this site, list everything you have done from start to finish. Barry

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Enrollment is currently underway for Cabozantinib. This drug is extremely promising. You can get enrollment information at: http://www.exelixis.com/cabozantinib/clinical-trial-information/prostate-cancer

Good Luck!

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