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I have an ulcer next to my anus in the fold where there is some swelling. It has caused me to be very uncomfortable and cleaning myself is very painful. I am returned to sitz baths. I also have a head cold and bad asthma and wonder if it is related somehow. I have spent two days like a zombie with no energy. Christmas Eve is a big day with two church services (I work there as a singer) lots of hymn singing and my children's choir and a duet with our professional tenor. Then we are on an airplane (after getting home at 1:00 a.m.) taking off from NY for California at 8:30 a.m. (it's an hour to the airport) to have Christmas with family there, like nothing ever happened. Somehow, I'll have to make it through. But I know that the symptoms can go and we can feel better. It's passing. I am grateful to get to see our family again. I am supposed to return to my other job in January but wondering if that is in the cards for me so soon. I feel so lousy. We have scheduled a kitchen remodel for the end of January and I was supposed to do a concert at the end of February. Is this all possible? I think I am crazy. I am four months post treatment.
Happy Holidays,

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Sandy, that seems like an awful lot to do. Do you really need to do it all? It's okay to say no sometimes, and this might be one of those times. If you get too worn out, it will not be a good thing. Christmas is nice and all, but your health is more important. Maybe it's not a good idea to do all that just now...

Something DID happen...please don't do too much...

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You may have too much on your platter. So soon out of treatment you might need to minimize your stress and commitments. I know I had to do this. It was hard since I am a "giver". My doctors advised me not to be ashamed to say no to commitments. People will understand.

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you have an acute situation going on; sounds like you are expecting way too much of yourself when you are vulnerable right now, which adds even more stress. Also, you don't know how you are going to feel in February, or tomorow for that matter. You are the only one who can create healing for yourself.

i wish you a Merry Christmas, and send you love and hugs.

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You must be super woman! I am two months post tx and still fatigue very easily.....please don't wear yourself out! Just enjoy the holidays!

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Thanks, writing that all down was helpful to me. I don't know how I got myself into all this. I will rest in California even if I have to leave Christmas dinner. It's crazy to be up all night working and then expect myself to sit there with the family like I didn't have cancer this year. I will postpone the kitchen to February or March and the Concert for later too. I would have given y'all the same advice. Merry Christmas. Let's have a terrific 2012. I am very pleased with 2011. I felt worse last year as I was in a lot of pain and didn't know what was causing it and didn't have hope. Now the pain is manageable or gone and I have rolled back and maybe beaten cancer. Thanks for everyone's support. I don't know what I would have done without each one of you.

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Yes lady you need to remember all you're body has been thru & needs time to rest & heal! My hubby constantly reminds me of this! I get tired of 'resting' & want to do much more. But then I'm down for a few days. We had Christmas with our kids (& their families) Dec 18th which was very small & simple. But its all I could handle at this time.
I know you can 'rest' on the plane, then relax with family. But yes you need to remember (as I'm sure your family does too) you've been thru alot over the past months but have gotten thru it & beat that cancer. Now its time to heal & get stronger....then you can really enjoy doing all those things you like to do. One step at a time!
Have a blessed holiday with your family. Safe travels my friend!

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Sandy ... Wow. 4 months out and I just couldn't do that much! Take it easy on yourself. I'm not a physician, however your issue sounds like it could be a fissure ... must get that checked out by, perhaps, your radiation oncologist. I agree with Mike ... we must take it easy and allow ourselves to fully heal! Take care busy girl! xo

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I'm glad to hear you are taking a little more time to heal. The best thing I've done for myself is taken time to heal. It has been very difficult because by plate has always been over flowing. I too am a giver, but this bout with cancer has made me look at what is really inportant in my life. I am still learning. Rest and take care of yourself! ~Carol

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How are you feeling these days, my dear? I hope better! Please post an update when you can.

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