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Way too many bills!

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My friends have set up a page for me at giveforward.com/ Just search for Elise's cancer battle. Anyone know of other ways to combat the bills? As a single mom, these bills are just getting CRAZY!

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Contact them. They have programs that you may qualify for. I got $5,000.00 in co-pay assistance for drugs. It's really come in handy since I had my transplant and was on a couple of meds for that, I was reimbursed for them. I just saved the receipts and medication description and sent in a bunch at one time so I could get a larger refund check.

Also, check your county for any assistance programs. There is a foundation in my home town Miami County Cancer Foundation that has been able to give me gift cards for groceries or Walmart as well as gas cards for getting to and from Dr. appointments. They were great, and actually gave me a $100.00 gift card for christmas...and of course made me cry.

There ARE programs for assistance out there, just do the research. I know how overwhelming it can get.

Take care,

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Go on to the Don't Worry Be Happy" cancer site. Non profit organization they raise funds by selling Don’t Worry Be Happy shirts to help struggling Cancer patients pay their bills. They've helped many cancer "Warriors".

Good luck.

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Yes, the leukemia and lymphoma society is GREAT. They helped me for 2 years. If you are being treated at a university clinic most of them offer a charity care program for those in need of assistance. Good luck!

Stay strong and positive

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