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Hey Dawn 'sweetblood22'!

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I don't think we have private message (PM) capabilities on this board. I've got a question to ask you. Can you shoot me an email to rightclick38@gmail.com?


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Email sent. Also, they do have private messages. This is how to do it, if you ever want to. A copy is on the superthread also:


To do a private message, just look at the upper left hand corner of this page. Under the first burgundy colored tab labeled CSN, the sixth item down says CSN EMAIL. click on that. Then on the bottom click on WRITE A NEW MESSAGE. From there you must fill in the person's screen name exactly as it appears. If you have added them as a friend, you can use the MY FRIENDS button to scroll through and select the person. You must enter in a subject, and then you can just type your message and hit SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE.

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