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Bartholins Gland Cancer-Pelvic Exam after partial vulvectomy

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My wife had a partial vulvectomy on Nov. 8. On Tuesday, Dec.4, we met with the radiology oncologist for the first time. He done a complete pelvic exam and speculum exam on her. Our surgeon at IU has not done this yet. On Thursday the medical oncologist wanted to do another pelvic and we refused. I understand wanting to make sure she is healed before starting, but any good doctor knows that after that type of surgery she is not healed. To top it off he forgot to close the speculum before pulling it out. Any thoughts on this...

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is about several things, only one of which is to check healing. The other things are to make certain no new disease has arisen in the time since the original surgery, and to familiarize the treating physician(s) with the anatomy of the area being treated. Unless I misunderstood you, it was one doctor who you feel did a poor exam, but you declined an exam by a different doctor.

Maybe there's something about this situation I don't understand. Were you able to negotiate for an exam at a future date with the oncologist, or how was that left?

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