Newly Diagnosed

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Hi All,

I've been reading since last night and find all of your input very informative. Thanks.

I was just diagnosed this past week, and My wife and I are just trying to digest things and begin talking about a path forward.

As a result of my GP finding a bump, I had a needle biopsy with the following results:

Right base, 2/2 cores, 5% involved, Gleason 3+3=6

Right mid, 1/2 cores, 35%, Gleason 3+4=7

Right apex and left base benign

Left mid, 3/3 cores, 40%, Gleason 3+4=7

Left Apex, 1/2 cores, 40%, Gleason 3+4=7

My doc says it's Stage 2b.

I'm 56 and in good health. PSA about 1-2.

I'm with Kaiser in No. Cal. I'll be seeing my urologist on this Wednesday.

Any advice as to what questions I should ask?



  • Randall72
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    Hi Dan When I was Dx with PCa I was told in my consultation that for me,Im 57, that the surgery was best.But everyone is different.I could have choosen rads.,but if I went that road, I would'nt be able to have the surgery later because of the scar tissue that would have been made.Now Im doing good so far after surgery (RP),and my PSA was .05 post op,will go for my 6 mo PSA in Mar.'12. So I guess my advise to you would be weigh out all options before making a decision,(mainly with your wife/boss LOL). Like I said before,ALL patients/people are different.Good Luck Randall