post-colectomy experience

It's been almost a year since they took 14 cm of my colon. I have had a few adjustments to make since then, the first being I occassionally end up with what feels like "kinks" in my colon. The best way for me to describe this is that I imagine it's like when a garden hose gets pinched, and then the water doesn't come out like it should. Has anyone else experienced this?

The second, is kind of embarrassing. After a BM, I can't ever seem to get myself clean. I even for awhile carried around baby wipes with me to see if they would help, but it just ended up being expensive and didn't really get me totally clean either. It's almost like I leak. I asked my gastroentrologist about it last month when I had my colonoscopy/upper endoscopy, and his response wasn't all that helpful as all he said was it takes time for the colon to readjust after the surgery. Has any one else had this issue and did you find a way to remedy it?