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What the Cystocopy will show that a CT scan did not

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Hello, I am a 31 yr old Female. I have had microscopic hematuria found several times in over 15 months. Just 3wks ago I wound up in the ER after experiencing gross hematuria with blood clots for the first time and with zero pain. Ultrasound on kidney and bladder were done at hospital and all looked normal. I was put on Cipro but later learned after the Urinalysis came back that it was absolutely not an infection. Last week after being seen by a Urologist I had a CT scan done of the entire abdomial area. Small nonobstructing stone found in left kidney but doctor said it is not the cause for my bleeding. I have now been scheduled for a Cystoscopy. Anyone have a similar story? Is it possible that a CT could miss a tumor that the Cysto could pick up on?

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I have very similar questions! I'm having gross hematuria & go for ultrasound tom. can't get a cystoscopy until January 3rd because I live in a very rural area. I'm having a lot of pain & passing blood clots too. I hope someone answers your questions soon so I can also learn. I've done some online research and am scared to death! I've already survived cancer once and the thought of going through it again is unbearable! I'm only 43 and plan on being around a long time!!!! I'm like you I don't have an infection which shocked me because I just assumed it was a really bad UTI. HERE'S HOPING EVERYTHING GOES WELL FOR BOTH US!!! From my understanding the cystoscopy can actually biopsy the bladder lining & works much like a colonoscopy. This gives the docs a firsthand view of bladder lining & actual cells to check. I wish I could just have my cystoscopy tom. & skip all the scans!! Frustrating and quite distressing just waiting around.

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