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How much coffee did we consume prior to diagnosis?

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Given the recent research study alleging that coffee can prevent uterine cancer, have to wonder how many cups of it we consumed in the two to three years prior to diagnosis.

I myself had about two cups every morning. (I believe the study says that 3-4 cups are idea.)

Ladies, even if this study is a hoot, how much coffee per day did you used to drink?

And have you given it up since diagnosis? (After nothing but green tea for nearly a year, have recently allowed myself one cup of Americano each morning: supposedly lower in caffeine that regular drip coffee.)


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I have been drinking coffee since I was a child. Yep, raised on it. A pot a day as an adult. Have slacked off the past few years to about 2 or 2 cups a day and more on the weekends.

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Where did you read this research....I'd love to read it?

I was an avid coffee drinker prior to cancer....around 4 cups per day. After treatments and today drink mostly green tea -- approx 4 cups per day, but have noticed with cooler weather drinking a cup or two a few days a week. I so love a good cup of coffee.

Wish I could truly believe coffee would prevent uterine cancer...hum?


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Wish I could say it was the Times (which I do read), but it was our local Phila Inquirer: its weekly "Health section" featured some syndicated news item.

Will try to find it for you--although given how many here attest to having drunk 2-4 cups a day prior to diagnosis, not sure this study has a lot of credibility.

As for Dr. Oz, I've heard of him but don't know much about him: does he have his own web site and if so, where can I read about HIS take on coffee? (It's one of MY greatest pleasures so refuse to give up my Americano each morning.)


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I'm a typically English gal - I have always preferred a nice cup of "Rosey Lee" (English cockney rhyming slang for tea!). Although since my diagnosis, I have moved over to drinking more green tea.

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...that research didn't work for me...definitely a two to four cup coffee drinker a day. I just got a Keurig coffee maker....I love it.


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Yup, I was a coffee drinker also... 2 to 4 cups per day.. since dx I cut it down to 1 cup per day

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Just saw Dr. Oz show which talked about coffee helping to prevent cancer. Well, I'm not drinking that kind since I've been drinking French roast fine ground. Per Dr. Oz, best is medium roast and medium grind to preserve whatever helps prevent cancer.

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Coffee is one of my greatest pleasures, and I won't give it up. My favorite is the above blend, ground fine, and prepared with a French press. I try to limit myself to one large mug a day; but if I am out at one of my favorite cafes, I will have a second cup. For the past few years, I've used almond milk in my coffee; but now I'm back to adding a bit of half and half. Delicious!


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Isn't this the best, Jill? I have been using a French press for 20 years

But I have always used coarse-ground coffee in mine. Finely ground coffee makes it like mud for me.

A friend of mine calls it "cowboy coffee". She said this is how cowboys made coffee around the fire.

I use my really small French press for loose tea.

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I took a look at my coffee, and it IS more of a coarse grind. All I know is that I tell the local Italian coffee roaster (I don't think coffee can get better than what I purchase fresh out of the roaster) that I want the coffee ground for the French press. Bottoms up!

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Was also a definite coffee drinker prior to diagnosis, but had recently cut back from about 4 cups a day to 2 due to high blood pressure. Stopped all coffee during treatments, back up to 2 cups a day minimum. Often more. Good I can stop feeling guilty about it.


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is highly inflammatory. LOL.

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I'm enjoying that Jill!

a 4 or more cupper for me prior. I get alot of caffine in my green tea so reducing the caffine in coffee for me would be a smart choice.

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Grace and I both posted about this article in late November. Here is a link to the article:



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