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just merry xmass and love

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Dear friends,

First merry xmass to everyone and if you sent me a card, thanks. they are next to my juicer. we are all real people with real lives and real challenges from all over our beautiful planet. i hate the false names. i like using first names but thats me. the present i want for myself is awareness and insight and peace of mind. then no matter how this cr battle goes i know i win. in fact i feel like i have already won. the greatest gift we can give is our love and time and care. as the days of our lives clock over i hope and pray for the best for us all.

I am having a break from the forum and going to focus on meditation, hyperthermia, and vaccines. i got to get my cea down to zero for xmass. I hope some of you keep the walking post ticking over, you all got the message by now. keeping it ticking over is for the in frequent new vistors so they just get the message because onc and surgeons don't give it. remember anytime you walk, you are improving your chances, getting some sun, lowering your blood sugar, seeing something beautiful i hope etc etc etc! i really believe that.

if you have a moment send me a smile or a prayer. as you can tell by all the posts, i think of you all often and hope my posts have been of interest at least.

seasons greetings and best of health to us all, battlers, carers and friends. I have not even mentioned diet or juicing. thats my humour! And if you wonder i will have the juiciest piece of turkey for this xmass but not sugar.


PS the tcm and lung post is where i have placed my bets. the 10 year study is impressive especially for the lung cancer guys. maybe us crc's are lucky in some senses. the bowel cancer has over 30 members, the lung cancer group 6. most don't make 2 years.

I have been doing iscador for a week and am still here. on average it may buy over an extra year of life per the study. at about $25 per week its cheap in my books. i am glad i found an isador specialist . so i started at 2ml, then tried, 7ml, then tried 13ml and now i am on 20 ml a week monday wednesday and friday. i have the iscador variant for colorectal , yes they have one.

if you are new here well and want to peak into the alternative universe then google
apatone, iscador, tumeric, anticancer, melatonin, hyperthermia, rgcc. that will give you a few minutes reading.

today i met a stage 3 survivor who did 3 months folfox and stopped, made his own vaccine.
he also had iv glutathione to prevent/minimse neuropathy. i wish i knew about this research when i did my folfox.

remember not one size fits all. thanks phil. so maybe personalised treatment has more potential.

so the folfox study here is relevant.
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20078613 this is an amazing subject area.
These results show that response to FOLFOX therapy in CRC patients may be driven by MTHFR germinal polymorphisms

Use of Iscador, an extract of European mistletoe (Viscum album), in cancer treatment: prospective nonrandomized and randomized matched-pair studies nested within a cohort study.
Grossarth-Maticek R, Kiene H, Baumgartner SM, Ziegler R.
Institute for Preventive Medicine, European Center for Peace and Development, United Nations, Heidelberg, Germany.
In anthroposophical medicine, total extracts of Viscum album (mistletoe) have been developed to treat cancer patients. The oldest such product is Iscador. Although Iscador is regarded as a complementary cancer therapy, it is the most commonly used oncological drug in Germany.

To determine whether Iscador treatment prolongs survival time of patients with carcinoma of the colon, rectum, or stomach; breast carcinoma with or without axillary or remote metastases; or small cell or non-small-cell bronchogenic carcinoma; and to explore synergies between Iscador treatment and psychosomatic self-regulation.

Prospective nonrandomized and randomized matched-pair studies nested within a cohort study.

General community in Germany.

10,226 cancer patients involved in a prospective long-term epidemiological cohort study, including 1668 patients treated with Iscador and 8475 who had taken neither Iscador nor any other mistletoe product (control patients).


Survival time.

In the nonrandomized matched-pair study, survival time of patients treated with Iscador was longer for all types of cancer studied. In the pool of 396 matched pairs, mean survival time in the Iscador groups (4.23 years) was roughly 40% longer than in the control groups (3.05 years; P < .001). Synergies between Iscador treatment and self-regulation manifested in a longer survival advantage for Iscador patients with good self-regulation (56% relative to control group; P = .03) than for patients with poor self-regulation. Results of the 2 randomized matched-pair studies largely confirmed the results of the non-randomized studies.

Iscador treatment can achieve a clinically relevant prolongation of survival time of cancer patients and appears to stimulate self-regulation.

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Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope you enjoy your break. See you next year :)


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Hi Pete, Please don't stay away too long now, I love reading all of your inspiring posts, and you mean a lot to many of us out here.

Happy Holiday's to you and your family,


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Have a great holiday. We will look forward to your return. Lisa

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