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short of breath & hip pain

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I am 6 months out from chemo (Cisplatin/Taxotere)and seem to be getting more shortness of breath. One flight of stairs and I am pretty short of breath. At times when I bend over I get very short of breath. My CT in July was clear and my chest xray in October was clear.

I've also been having hip pain for months. I have had an xray and there are no mets. Seems to hurt more when I am laying down. If I sit for a while I have a hard time getting up due to pain and stiffness

Has anyone else experienced this?

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... if either one of these is a new condition. Your scans are just a snapshot in time. You don't really mention what your "new normal" condition is like so it's hard even to make an uneducated guess, but it sounds like what you describe falls into the category of things my onco would want me to call about.

There are dozens of variables in shortness of breath (I've experienced some), but if it is noticeable and it lasts, you should have it looked into.

My experience with hips is pretty extensive, owing to my having had two total replacements before the age of 45. What you're describing sounds a lot like what I felt after some pretty extensive degeneration which showed up graphically on x-ray. Whether your discomfort in any way could be a side effect of chemo, I don't know, but again, if it's something new, have it looked into.

All the best to you.

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Hello Kimmiann! I have to agree with Ex...I would be calling my oncoman (or woman). We REALLY have to listen to our bodies and be agressive in getting checked out. Could be nothing (which would be GREAT news) or it could be something that needs medical attention NOW. You are worried (rightly so) so make that phone call and don't let them blow you off because you had x-rays in Oct and a CT in July. Get some peace of mind.....you deserve that. Positive thoughts and prayers to you Kimmiann! Cheryl

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Sorry to be so late responding back. I never did get a return call from my onc and when I went to see him he basically said it was because I have gained weight. So, I changed oncologists. My new ones had me do scans on Friday and I am waiting for the results now.

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