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Diet after TX is done?

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Just interested in knowing what is your diet after your chemo has been completed. I eat veg and fruits...but not so much fruit...I have a delicate stomach...and somethings I don't dare eat for fear of "results"....just curious what the rest of you eat....when in remission..... red meat? fish? chicken? pasta? We don't eat fast foods...or things that have lots of persevatives... THANKS>...

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My mom is getting her appetite back. She has been off taxol since the end of october. She was eating salmon alot during chemo on the days where she was feeling well enought to eat(usually closer to her next chemo unfortunately). Now she has a HUGE appetite. She still loves her salmon but she eats alot healthier now than she did b4 she got sick. She never ate meals b4 because for so long she couldn't digest or she would feel bloated. Now she likes to eat salads, and tries to consume meals instead of snacks. Baked potatoes, pasta, steak, chicken, salmon, rice, pretty much anything she loves. Yeah she still doesn't have the stomach of steel. She never has. But she knows now she has to eat to keep herself going.....U never know when u will need energy to go through this again.

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All my life I worried about losing weight. I'm a lifelong compulsive eater and am grossly obese. It's not a healthy thing, but neither is having cancer, and I've learned that my cancer isn't caused by my binge eating.

I've worried all my life about overeating. Now, I don't care. I don't eat as much simply because of the nature of the cancer. I don't go out of my way to eat unhealthily. I just won't put myself down because of the choices I make.

Done that. No more.


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