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Rare form of Osteosarcoma

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Hey my name is Jatoiya and I was diagnosed with Osteo in Jan 2011 and it was found in my jaw my doctors told me it was pretty rare for girls to have this in their jaw..they said it was because I had a growth spurt in my jaw apparently like my jaw was becoming more curved...and they did limb salvaging surgery and removed my right what ever is the name for the smallest bone in my calf and placed it in my jaw...they had to remove the whole left side of my jaw gum and teeth and all and they created me a brand new jaw out of the calf and they created me a gum out of skin grafts from my thigh and everything looks so good I was surprised the only bad thing I'm left with a scar but it's not ugly or anything and. They did an excellent job on my plastic surgery ..I can hardly tell thats a limb from another part of my body..I look relatively normal

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hello, i finally found someone that had the same thing i had. i had a tumor in my jaw the size of an egg, osteo sarcoma. they took bone and muscle from my right leg and rebuilt my jaw. they also took 7 teeth from my bottom left. if you are interested in communicating my e-mail address is squawkaloud@yahoo.com. i would like to talk more. i have not yet met anyone with the same cancer as mine. i also had breast cancer in april 2009. take care. hope to talk to you soon.

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Hey I have been trying to get in contact with both of you guys. I am 18 and have recently been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma of the Jaw. It's really rare for me aswell since I'm a girl. I would really appreciate if one of you guys would get in contact with me because I'm scheduled for the big surgery on Friday. It would be great if I could hear your stories and how you guys got through it. Thanks. My e-mail is candii954@gmail.com

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