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anyone else with this problem

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my daughters was on the fouth, i spent 3 day s looking for the right present i found it on the last day, and the rest of the time paying bills and grocery store i feel so woreout ifeel i feel half dead, does any one else feel this way after getting a lot done blessings denise

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Hi Denise,

Yes, I tire easily and I tend to nap during the day.
Part of that is I don't generally sleep a full 8 hours.
I'm still trying to get back on a "normal" schedule.

The chemo and the prednisone really got me out of sorts
in terms of a normal sleeping pattern. As many have suggested,
"listen to your body" - when I'm tired, I rest, nap or
just try to take it easy for awhile. Some days, I just don't
get a lot done. I try not to plan too many things at one time.

I don't feel this way all the time but when I do, I try
to slow down. Most things can wait until the next day, etc.
I finished chemo recently and the doctor told me the energy
should improve over time.

I hope it gets better for you.

Hugs and positive thoughts,

DX: DLBL 4/2011
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I don't remember when you had your treatments but regardless fatigue after cancer treatments can last a very long time. I mean when you look at it your body has been fighting not only cancer but poisonous chemo drugs and maybe radiation so it has alot of work to do repairing damaged cells too so it makes sense that the body is tired. It all takes time.

I find that when I have a good day and am feeling just a bit of energy I overdo it because there are so many things I have left to do when I am tired so it's a viscious circle with overdoing things when you feel up to it. You have to learn to pace yourself but it isn't easy. I haven't mastered that. For me I have so many aftereffects from my treatments so long ago that when I feel half better even I get out and do things that have backed up, often til I am yelling 'Uncle' in my head. lol. However if I waited til I was feeling great nothing would get done so I guess you just have to do what you have to do. Priorities become crucial for many of us. We do what is most important first then the rest can wait but sometimes your priorty should be resting and you probably push yourself too much. We all do it.

Do the best you can do Denise, don't be too hard on yourself though, but rest as much as you can and give your body time to repair itself as much as it can. Emotional issues make you tired too so if you can cut your stresses in any way that will help too. Meditation really helps that.

All the best,


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Hi Denise,
What you are experiencing is your "NEW NORMAL" and in my humble opinion our new normal sucks, "big time"!! Dec 14th I will be one year out from my last chemo, and I still feel tired! Honey, I can relate with you 100%! Everyday at some point I will say to myself.."what the heck..I'm exhausted and I haven't accomplished half of what I want to do"! Steve keeps telling me to not worry about it, but if I don't get the stuff done, then it just doesn't get done! He's wonderful and I wouldn't trade him for anything, but it's easy for him to say since he's not the one that keeps up on the things that bug me, that I feel NEED to be done. I am s-l-o-w-l-y learning to do things differently. For instance with my house cleaning...I now do everything in small increments. Vacumn one day...dust the next day...mop the floors the next day, etc, etc. It's aggrivating as all get out to not be able to whip it ALL out in one morning(like I use to), but it is, what it is, and I'm having to accept and just learn how to deal with it. I have days when I feel great in the morning and can get quite a bit done, but then other days I'll get up and have no energy to do anything. I guess the trick we have to learn is how to pace ourselves. Instead of going shopping at 5 stores, I now cut it back to 2. I got so exhausted one day shopping I had to leave all my stuff in the cart and just walk out of the store and go home. I cried all the way home thinking how crazy it was to feel so tired. Anyways...You will learn how to deal with all of this, and in the meantime you just keep coming back here when everything feels overwhelming. Hang in there friend.
Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)Age 61

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I was just getting ready to respond to you and Sue beat me to it. I can not add anything to what she has said. Yep.its the new normal,but I feel in time the energy will return. It is no doubt going to take a while as we all can see. John

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i have nener been a patince person when it comes to getting things done, this is really hard will i ever be the same i have no live my live back. i never even seem up to having fun anymore because i am to tired, i no longer drive because don't trust myself. cancer has taken so much, i just want my life back. blessings denise

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I had chemo three years ago. Nhl 6 rounds of R-chop. After chemo is tuff on the get up and go for months. But it slowley gets better.
I am happy to report that your new normal is only temporary. It takes patients and planning and yes listening to your body, but energy returns. Frustrating i know! Hang n there, n plan smaller projects. Cut out things like mowing or painting a room for a while. I remember thinking i had to get everything done. For some reason all the honey do's became more important because i could not do them.
One day at a time. It will pass...i am in partial remission, is hard to accept, but i am trying to enjoy each day and not place to much importance on what i didnt get done today. It is very hard i know. Hang in there!

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