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Has anyone tried Physician's Naturals products. I'm looking for a source of curcumin.

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Anyone who has tried this companies products I'd like to hear your opinion. They seem okay and have FDA approval/oversite.

thanks a heap,


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The two brands of curcumin highly recommended by my integrative doctor were Meriva OR Life Extension; the latter has been working for a year on how to keep enhancing absorbability.

Wonder what especially interested you in THIS brand, however.


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I googled and it showed up, then it mentioned it was the one used at MD Anderson and around the world. So was curious. It has some nice combos with the curcumin. I generally don't like turmeric's taste so was trying to get around taking that daily.

How are you??


I do like Life Extension in general. That book was among the first when I was starting on the journey to wellness.

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I am a cancer survivor, now in the sixth year. I take combination of Curcumin and Resveratrol from Physician Naturals and they provide certificate of analysis which was a big plus for switching from Pure Prescriptions who have become expensive. Any thoughts on benefits of Resveratrol+Curcumin ?

Thank You

Hans Campbell
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In my opinion PhysicianNaturals.com Ultra Curcumin C3 with Bioperine and Bromelain at 700mg Supplement is outstanding, as per Physician Naturals service Prompt response, prices and other info... overall all products are good.

go ahead am sure you will be happy.

Someday reply to my comment...


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You won't likely find a bigger fan of curcumin, a derivative of turmeric than myself. I generally have been taking it along with black pepper and olive oil so it is better absorbed. You can look on this site for oodles of reference to turmeric. I don't really like the taste after a bit so was thinking of taking the curcumin, adding black pepper and olive oil at the same time. There are lots of studies and some trials involving pancreatic cancer where it has shown great promise. Just look back on this board and you should find lots of things.

Can't imagine one could go wrong with the combo. There is one that offered curcumin and a substance that worked against joint issues, I had been considering that one.

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I was a distributor for a particular supplement company many years ago and did take away some things which might be helpful.

One big reminder....Dietary supplements are not regulated, so the amount of the nutrients that are claimed on the label might be different than what is really in the pills. Contact the lab that makes the vitamin supplements and ask them how they test their products. A good company will have professionals who can answer your questions. If you don't get an answer, you may wish to find another company.

As we all know just because we put a pill in our mouths, doesn't mean it's digested and absorbed into our system...not quite that easy. We might eat a certain food or take a certain supplement which don't synergize together, therefore, neither one is absorbed into our body. Perfect example, don't take a bone builder (I take one called strontium) with calcium. Take one in AM and one in PM to separate. Can be quite confusing.

What I've started to do, take very few vitamins and depend more on many different foods.

Do understand the tasteless flavor of turmeric, but after as many months as I've been consuming the mix of black pepper, olive oil and turmeric, I'm used to it. Remind myself how good it will be once in my system.

What have you found during your research??? Love to hear...


How to Select a Brand of Vitamins --

When you are ready to shop for supplements, please take the following points into consideration:

* Join ConsumerLab.com to find out which brands of supplements they have tested.
* Read the label on the bottles. Ingredients for the supplements should be from organic sources whenever possible.
* Dietary Supplements should be tested for toxic substances and any kind of contamination such as lead or mercury.
* Look for hypoallergenic products if you have sensitivity problems. Avoid wheat, yeast and corn.
* Look for an expiration date and make sure the product is fresh. If there is no expiration date on the label, buy something else.
* You may also check with the store to see if they are sure of the supplements' quality.

If you have questions about a certain brand, don't be afraid to look up their contact information, call them and ask about the five points above. Reputable supplement labs will have answers and documentation available for all your questions. Keep in mind that some of the highest quality products are only available through health care providers.
If It Sounds To Good To Be True
It probably is. Use caution and good sense when you come across inflated claims for vitamin supplements. Your e-mail spam box is probably filled with e-mails making these claims for various herbs and supplements. Also keep in mind that cheaper often means poor quality. Buy your vitamin supplements from health care providers, nutrition stores and whole foods markets.

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Even if we establish the best BRANDS of curcumin (Life Extension or Meriva?), how much are you taking for "maintenance" (protection against recurrence)?

Should we be taking 500 x 3 a day--or even more? Life Extension says its new SuperBiocurcumin is actually equivalent to about 2400 milligrams per capsule, so I was taking it twice a day (with a swig of olive oil when I COULD).

Now I am back to Meriva, 500 x 3 a day.

And claudia, can you let me know what your daily routine is with turmeric? Do you take it once a day on toast with olive oil and pepepr? Or just in any form once a day?


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my doctor recommends nutrieve gold longvida for curcumin in 500mg tablets: three with breakfast, 2 with dinner, daily.
hope this is helpful.


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For the last 4 years I've been taking 800 mg Life Extension Super Curcumin and have been totally satisfied. I've tried 7 different brands from our health food stores in the area but after finding Giai brand to be the best of those I realized I was taking 6 to 12 caps per day to relieve pain and swelling. Life Extension's 800 mg caps did better with 2 to 4 caps per day. Now they have discontinued manufacture of the 800's so as I see it with their 400's costing the same price they have effectively doubled the cost. I plan to try Dr.'s Nat. as it's near the strength and contains Bioperine which does seem to enhance the effect but I far prefer a capsule as it isn't a challenge to digest and over all seems to work faster. Seeing an FDA certification is of absolutely no value to me given the asinine behavior of the dept. in the last few years. Where once it was the gold seal of approval it now immediately moves me to distrust and additional research. The proven benefits of Turmeric are so many and so profound I find it hard to imagine that any person alive can not benefit from it's use but the challenge is as we all know, finding an affordable, consistant, and effective product. Thanks for the comments those of you have contributed, any knowledge that helps is a gift!!

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I have tried their Enteric Coded Curcumin 1 tablet twice daily and it works well. When I briefly went off it for about a month the arthritis in my thumb started to bother me. I went  back on it and it really keeps the pain at bay. 

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Annabella Rose
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Does the pill form or the powder form bother your stomach? Like burning?

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Annabella, there are enteric-coated capsules/caplets that keep the curcumin from being absorbed until it is in your small intestine.  I would think that that would eliminate any burning in your stomach.  I just received P.N.'s Bio-Enteric Curcumin in the mail today so will be trying that out in the next day or two.


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