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Latest CT scan and CA-125

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I just had my latest CT scan, X-ray and labs. My CA-125 was up from 63 to somewhere in the nineties. He said my tumors are growing and he is especially worried about one that is near my colon and intestines. So now I have to change chemos again since it isn't working for me. He is giving me the option of which regime we will use first and the other being plan B. They are Gezmar and Topetecan. I am not only changing meds but I have moved and am changing doctors. I sure hope I like the new doctor! Does anyone have experience with these chemos? Tina, if you read this, what should I expect if I go with the Topetecan? Everyone, have a great weekend!!

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Good luck with a new regime, Vicki. I find out how my regime of oxaliplatin + irenotecan + 5FU pump has worked. So far it has stabiized the 6 cancerous nodules I have on my peritoneum and even shrunk one of them. So depending on the MRI, I'll either continue with this regime, have a chemo holiday, or ....? I don't know what kind of peritoneum cancer you have so can't comment on the new drugs you've been offered.
Mine are from seeding from gallbladder cancer, so secondary peritoneum cancer.

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It is Primary Peritoneal stage 4

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My latest CA125 went up from 250 to 6,000 and since I've a bad cough for about two weeks we are fully anticipating that I'll need to be drained.

Had a CT scan of thorax, abdoment and pelvis immediately after seeing the onc on Thursay. Get results on Tues. Then we will decide which chemo to try, or if anything else is appropriate depending on what is seen. I'm not in pain. Are you?

I've never asked, or been given, a "stage", but I know that they originally found some of teh fluid in my lung. I think that Tina said that would make me stage four.

I will also be interested to see what Tina says about being on Topetecan - though I don't know if that's what he will choose. Won't know till Tuesday.

I've never had Gezmar and Topetecan, sorry, so can't comment. Just interested, like you.

Will be thinking of you though,


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Tina Brown
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Topotecan is really doing its job for me :) I go every day for a week and then get 2 weeks off. The actual treatment time for the chemo is 30 minutes :) I was told you can lose your hair or it can just thin. I chose to wear a cold cap and so far I still have all of the hair on my head :) My body hair has thinned which means I do not need to shave my arm pits or legs - result.

On the down side it does make me a little nauseous and for the whole week I feel moderately ill and tired. I tried to work around my treatment and I was too tired & sicky so I don;t work that week.

On the plus side my bloating symptoms have virtually all gone away and my CA125 has dropped from 1,700 to 991 in only 2 treatments.

So all in all a very good result :)

I have 3 treatments and 3 more to go.

Take care and let me know how you are

Tina xxxxxxxxx

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