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meeting with my oncologist

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I have my first meeting scheduled for the radiology oncologist to get ready for the RAI. Are there any particular questions that I need to ask?

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I have not had my RAI yet but I do know when I talk to Doctors I get very nervous and forgetful. For me it is very helpful to write their information down, if they don't give it to me written. Also have the list of questions written down when you go in, so you will not forget to ask some questions. I think the Low Iodine diet that you have to be on is very important so ask lots of questions about what you can and cannot eat. I would ask the dose of RAI and why that dose. Ask if you are going to get Thyrogen shots. It is much easy if you do. Some insurance covers it some don't. Look on the internet and ask about things you do not understand. I am on a waiting list for my Thyrogen and then I will get my RAI.
I wish you the best.

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My husband goes with me to all my appointments. This was especially important when I was hypo, as I couldn't seem to think fast enough to stay in the conversation. I don't know if you are married; but if not, perhaps you have a trusted friend or relative who would go with you. I would also write down--or ask to have in writing--the main things that the doctor says, so that you can look them up later if necessary. Good things to know are what that doctor considers "high enough" for your TSH before RAI, and when that will be tested. In my case, the radiology oncologist and the lab personnel who administered the RAI disagreed on the TSH level. They got into an argument with me in the middle! Unpleasant. It is also good to ask if there is a particular way you should get in touch with her/him if you have questions.

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