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Lisa called....what a relief to hear her voice

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Here is a little update from earlier today. Lisa asked to let you all know some new news from her pulmonologist at the hospital.

More news about Lisa....she called about an hour ago. She said the Pulmonologist that is following her with this visit said there is a possibility the new masses that showed on the chest CT might be the infection. She is on an antibiotic and an antifungal so when the CT is repeated in a few days if the spots are smaller then there is not any new lung mass. She said like in Sara's note that she is feeling better but gets out of breath. To hear her voice was wonderful. She knows how much we love her!

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What a relief to get this news. I've had pneumonia twice (once soon after my cancer dx) and it's a real bugger. Bless her heart that she called you. I'm going to bed praying that the spots are "just" infection and nothing more.

peace, emily

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And that the antibiotics will knock that infection out of the ballpark and that she'll bounce back quickly.


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Thank you very much for passing this on about dear Lisa. I say what Emily says, "I'm going to bed praying that the spots are "just" infection and nothing more.


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Thank you so much for your update! It is a relief to hear that and I hope she will be back home soon!!!

Please let her know how much we care about her and how much we love her!

Thanks again!
Love Dora

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please tell her I said hello too, and that I am praying for her....and that we miss her....Glad to hear she is feeling a bit better.....and hoping the new scans show no growth...


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lisa knows we love her, tell her i said hello and i am praying for her.

very worried husband
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thanks gail for letting us know that Lisa is on her way to recovery.

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so much for letting us now some good news.she has been on my mind alot...Godbless....johnnybegood

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Thanks for the update. The notice that she had contracted pneumonia and had an adverse x-ray was heartbreaking. I know she'll get back up and continue her beautiful life.

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Hi Lisa,

I know that Halloween is almost upon us, but it's still too early for a frightfest like that:)

You gave us all the chills there for a couple of days - but we're so glad that you are improving now.

As strange as it sounds, "infection" is what we're hoping for and here's to the area of concern shrinking to confirm that.

Get well soon!


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I'm also hoping that the spots are just the infection and that she gets to come home soon.


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Good news! Thanks for the day brightener :)

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Sounds things are going much better! Praying!.

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Nana b
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I have been texting her, letting her no how much we are all praying for her and a miracle of COMPLETE healing!

She has touched all our hearts. I would have visited her but I am in Tahoe with a car full and house full.... God bless!!

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